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You are regular bouts of fear of some specific things or phenomena? Obviously, this is a phobia — fear of obsession. Species there are many phobias: obsessive fear of blushing — erytrophobia, fear of confined spaces — claustrophobia, fear of sharp objects — oksifobiya, fear of heights — hypsophobia. And there is even a fear test fear: Fobofobiya.

Here, for example, phobia, described by a famous doctor. "He was afraid of a girl playing the flute, and as soon as he hears the first note, taken on the flute, it embraces the horror." Fear of flutes called aulofobiey, and a doctor who described this condition, was Hippocrates.

In our time, the doctors there are more than 500 different phobias. No one definitely does not know what the cause of phobias. Some experts believe that the nature of psychological phenomena, others — that the biological. But more and more evidence to support the view that it is a combination of both. It is known that phobia tends to be inherited. If one of your parents had a phobia, you may have a predisposition to it, but not necessarily to the same.

Some phobias more serious than others. If your fears seriously hinder you live, is to turn to professional help. In varying degrees, phobias have each person, just not all in a hurry to admit it. Great were no exception. Here is a brief description of some of these phobias.

Napoleon was afraid of horses

One of the greatest historical figures, the conqueror of Europe, Napoleon Bonaparte was afraid of what would you think? — White horses. Psychiatrists see here as much as two phobias: fear of horses (gippofobiya) andfear white (leykofobiya). Numerous paintings, where Napoleon is depicted riding a white horse, is nothing but a fantasy artist. Shorty artillery hated and feared these animals, however, they had never had in his stables.

Peter avoided the free space

However, Russian autocrats and were deprived of certain phobias. When you visit the house of Peter the Great and his summer palace in St. Petersburg hits shy of the autocrat: low ceilings, small rooms. In the summer house is arranged at the so-called "false ceiling": a higher hung lower, creating a sense of caskets. It turned out it's not modesty. The king could not feel comfortable in large spacious rooms with high ceilings. This indicates ekofobiyu and spatseofobiyu (fear of their homes and empty spaces). These phobias Peter is not limited to: all his life he suffered acarophobia (fear insects).

Fears of Generalissimo

Fears of a Stalin, obviously, in many ways defined the tragic fate of many of his colleagues. Thus, the generalissimo suffered toksikofobiey (fear of poisoning). So did Stalin pathologically afraid of air travel (aviafobiya). So, being the commander in chief, he had never been at the front. And in Potsdam peace conference went by train under heavy guard. In addition, the famous night vigil allow Stalin to suspect he somnifobiyu (fear of going to bed). It is known that he went to sleep in a state of complete exhaustion to which themselves lead up at night.

Gogol anticipated future

Nikolai Gogol in his youth suffered tatefobiey (fear of being buried alive). This fear was so painful that he repeatedly gave a written order to bury him only when there are signs of obvious decay. In addition, with thirty years of Gogol suffered patofobiey — the fear of varied.

Fear for women: Sometimes it happens

The outstanding Russian artist, author of "The Demon", Mikhail Vrubel was afraid of pleasing a woman (kaliginefobiya). In his youth, because of a failed love, he slashed himself with a knife chest. Being lost and intimidated by the object of his love, the artist is easily used the services of prostitutes. From one of them he was infected with syphilis, which led to his blindness and nervous system damage.


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