Physical therapy in periodontal diseases

Physical therapy in the treatment of periodontal diseases.  Photo from

Physiotherapy— The method is based on the use of a variety of physical factors — temperature, electromagnetic radiation, and others — to improve the effect of the basic course of treatment. With UHF or inhaled, who are appointed by the prolonged cold, familiar to many, but with dental physical therapy met a few.

However, it is quite a powerful tool in the hands of doctors — as a meaningful addition to the main treatment. Like any physiotherapy techniques, dental Physical therapy is not applied during the acute illness, but when it is shown chronic processes and is quite effective.

For example, there is a special massage gums, which has on their constituent fabric has the same effect as a classic massage the skin and muscles. In the dental clinic used two techniques of this massage: Finger and hardware (vacuum).

Finger massage is more gentle, it is designed to improve blood circulation and lymph flow in the gums, the activation of metabolism, improve nutrition of tissues and supply them with oxygen. This is especially important when atrophic processes for example, with periodontitis, as dactylar massage helps to reduce swelling and stagnation in the soft tissues of the periodontium.

Healing effect mechanical effect on the gums is achieved by running a complex set of reflex mechanisms.

Vacuum massage with a special device on the mucosal surface areas are discharging, the movement of which is a kind of massage. In place of influence vacuum formed pinpoint hemorrhages. The result is a biologically active products of tissue decay, thereby updating the network venous, arterial and lymphatic capillaries.

At about the same effect is achieved by using specialist Mud, for example, albukanskoy. As a result of its use increases the number of functioning capillaries in the gums. With increased blood flow decreases swelling, accelerates lymphatic flow, there is a rapid shedding dead skin cells, removes bacteria, increases the local immunity.

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