Physicians underestimate the danger of heavy metals

Belarusian society biyafizyki began to engage in deep impact of lead on biological structures, after faced with these blood tests for Chernobyl children. Scientists have observed that the physical and chemical changes in the cells of the blood of these children are much more significant than that of the same age living in the so-called clean Belarusian regions. After analyzing the situation, the researchers came to the conclusion that the reason is not only radionuclides entering the body through food and drink. In children with contaminated areas in the blood was suddenly a lot of lead.

Over half investigated children and adolescents high metal was observed even in the hair. One of the outward signs of the presence of lead in children's hair — it's a sharp patsyamnenne their color.

As is known, this element in the explosion at Chernobyl was thrown into the air in large quantities — about 2,400 tons. It was found that an external impact even lead — through the air, earth, water — adversely affects membrane of erythrocytes and leukocytes to the cell membrane. And it's not as dangerous as lead poisoning from the inside.

According to the Belarusian scientists, all of the medical consequences of such external effects have not been studied, but it is already known that cells with altered by exposure to lead membranes worse carry oxygen and not actively respond to the impact of environmental factors. And it harms the human immune system, respiratory system, etc.

U.S. researchers: Consuming seafood, people can get amneziynuyu poison, which, in turn, can lead to serious disorders of the central nervous system and even death.

Although a small number of lead and other metals — precious and even indispensable, but if their concentration in the blood exceeds a critical value, they sprychynyayuts severe disease. It is about anemia, senile dementsyyu, Alzheimer's disease, disorders of motor reactions in children, various pathology. Belarus has conducted three years ago among children and adolescents study showed that more than half high metal is present even in the hair. One of the outward signs of the presence of children in the hair of the same lead — a sharp patsyamnenne their color.

Meanwhile Researchers from the East German city of Jena, headed by Professor Ulf Zavebreem a result of large-scale studies conducted in the period between the years 1979-2009, concluded that environmental pollution by heavy metals, especially lead and rtutstsyu significantly affects the mental health of children. It is estimated that between 3 and 6% of children, mostly boys, suffer from various diseases associated with metabolic disorders in the brain. Such children are marked mituslivastsyu excessive, poor concentrating, poor memory.

"Contagion" with heavy metals, according to scientists, is through tap water, toys and even a dental fillings.

And another study related to the negative effect of heavy metals on human health, which had a staff of the University of San Francisco.

German scientists from 3 to 6% of children (mostly boys) under the influence of heavy metals suffer from various diseases associated with metabolic disorders in the brain.

The main conclusion of scientists: the so-called "fertilizer" World Ocean with iron, which is designed to increase the absorption of greenhouse gases and plankton, can bring the most incredible impact on the environment, particularly to wildlife and the man himself.

It is known that iron stimulates growth of algae, which absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Such a mechanism is being lobbied by many environmentalists as a radical means to solve the problem of global warming.

However, as the U.S. study showed, as a result of increased growth of algae can increase the concentration of the so-called nevrataksinav that eventually accumulate in the tissues of shellfish and a variety of marine animals.

Consuming marine products, people get so amneziynuyu poison, which can in turn lead to serious disturbances of the central nervous system and even death.

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