Physiology of childbirth

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Probably each woman, especially in the first pregnancy, at heart afraid of the upcoming birth. Where will it end? All go well? Would not it be complications? Does not affect the health of child labor?

Anxiety is exacerbated by ignorance. Therefore it is better to know in advance about the stages of labor process, their duration, characteristics of labor management physician, as well as possible problems.

Process labor is divided into three periods:

  • I period (Disclosure). As a result of regular contractions (involuntary muscle contractions of the uterus) is the cervix.
  • II period (Exile). Attempts to join the fray — arbitrary (that is controlled by the woman in labor) to reduce abdominal muscles. The baby moves through the birth canal and is born.
  • III period (Sequence). There is birth of the placenta (placenta and membranes).

During the first two periods of labor depends on the woman — her ability to breathe and relax, possession samoobezbolivaniya techniques, mental preparation. Get comprehensive information about the birth process and master the "skills" can be in the schools of pregnant women, women's clinics or from the literature.

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