Plakli — a village of ghosts

February 3, 2013 4:46


Plakli village, in the south-east of England, in the county of Kent, known as the "village 12 ghosts." Some believe that ghosts exist only in the minds of local residents. But, anyway, many seek here to get some special "ghost" air … Anyway, the lack of tourists Plakli not feel.


What ghosts live here? For example, in the central square of the village inhabited by the spirit of Ladies in White. They say that this is representative of the local noble family Denning. And her sister is in the form of the spirit woman in red in the church of St. Nicholas, where the family tomb of their family. Apparently, the family had reason to fear that the young lady Denning will rise from the grave. Therefore, the girl's body, the legend, hidden within seven lead coffins, one inside the other. And the top coffin into a massive oak chest. But it did not help …


There are Plakli house called Pinnock Stream. Once there was a mill. So, before the storm there appears a ghost of a black man. This is not a black man, just had a black face and he is dressed in black clothes … They say that this is the spirit of the local miller, who turned black because of his lifetime of sins, and now doomed to wander.


Another famous "ghost house" — Estate Rouzkort. They say that once its owner committed suicide, not having eaten poisonous berries, not drinking their juice. Since then, between four and five o'clock in the evening her ghost appears in the house: it is the time came the death of the woman. And the estate Greystounz lives ghostly monk. Where he's come from, no one knows, but they say that sometimes it is seen strolling hand in hand with the spirit of the mistress Rouzkorta …


For some reason, most often visited by the ghosts Plakli hanged. Two hundred years ago in the park on the oak hung robber. Did that then the local sheriff and his assistants. Old oak tree has survived to this day, and on the assurances of the local population, every night near this tree can see the scene of execution … a ghost sight, frankly speaking, not for the faint of heart …

In a pasture on the outskirts of the village, meets a man with a piece of rope around his neck. It is a spirit of Colonel, who hanged himself in the woods once, standing on the site of pasture, being convicted of embezzlement of public money.

Another ghostly found hanged in a street Plakli. This former school teacher, hanging on a laurel tree because of unrequited love. Moonlit nights you can see it swinging in a loop through the branches of a tree. Imagine how frightened villagers couple, walking in the moonlight?

Ghosts can be found outside the village. So, on the road leading from a neighboring village Plakli Maltmanz Hill, sometimes appears ghostly carriage with four horses. And it looks quite a material object, it even can touch and climb inside (it is empty). But this is not recommended: daredevils who dared to travel in a carriage ghost supposedly disappeared forever!

At the bridge over the creek in the dark is the phantom Gypsy, smoking his pipe. It is said that once she was burned on this spot on the charge of witchcraft. If there are belated travelers, gypsy invite them to tell fortunes by offering his hand. But so far no one seems to disagree …

Near the train station is a clay quarry, where once a week in the evenings there is a so-called ghost screaming. This phantom worker who once fell asleep in his career. He cries so hard that you could hear in the neighboring villages.


The year before, Plakli suddenly been invaded by abnormal flies. And it happened on the eve of winter, when the temperature outside was just above zero! Insects flying through the streets of swarms, penetrated the interiors of cars, preventing movement. The windows in the houses had to tightly close to the flies do not get inside … People bought in local shops all proceeds from pesky insects. As for the "Fly attack" even had to collect an emergency meeting of the parish council. Meanwhile, to explain such a phenomenon could not even scientists. Maybe the flies attracted just ghostly inhabitants Plakli — too many of them here!

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