Police protects even the Mother of God …



Pilgrimage in our place, or pilgrimage — as someone more like it. In short, the old church, the icon of the Mother of God in him, the priests in the distinctive — for the occasion and thousands of crowns,thousands of people from everywhere. Yes, thousands and thousands: crosses in their hands, banners, flags. Prayer, religious songs, the melody of a word, could would feel beautiful, sublime, not to police cordon. Metalashukalniki front of the temple. Shoulder straps, holsters, cap.

And where did they come from only the village, the whole caboodle! By blizheynaga town twenty miles away, probably, and the city itself — the town and the police of those — ugh! In short, pulled the reserves, as some kind of a special operation. I do not know for forest Brovarakh or more on what the devil, but we were not here nor breweries forest, no brothers, only the miraculous icon of the Mother of God. Some of the more decent-looking, we were told: before blowing your temples, domes, crosses dumped, batsyushak to Solovki, the faithful — in Kurapaty, and now, they say, we are guarded from various disasters. They say you appreciate that we will protect the chest! From whom, unpleasantly surprised: the earthquake, the tsunami, vulkanichnaga from the ashes!

Offense, at least pretend to, but his hands are like at customs what. Searched, particularly dissatisfied. Roth said a police honey speech, and hand bags are engaged. Shovel anything that gets in the eyes — socks, fat, because it is very much looking for books, newspapers, different flyers. I remembered the movie about the war, as there at the underground and guerrilla Krauts with policemen checked the front of the village — what a cart or in a bag Shoulder also searched for sedition, were afraid of our people. This — is not clear who fear — most of their generals, heads very high, which all strictly. There are no cartoons or jokes about the war with the sugar and vodka Rusakov, with which we have a love-hate? No matter how much talk of "freedom of religion", but we feel the skin, if you believe in God, you're under suspicion remains, no matter that we have a sort of constitution, as they only believe in their god, and if someone else has, they always ready knocks him …


They especially do not like to take pictures of them at work. It is a matter of national importance — the people of God to pass through police lines! If you sent a camera lens on them, that means you, take into question, implicitly criticizing, you are a disloyal! They have a log for you and handcuffs, minutes of state-owned. If you are to God, but for tens of kilometers, yes, God forbid (excuse me for saying so!), Or even on foot — he knelt down, then your eyes and eye militia need to feel that power we still Soviet, that Felix, strictly speaking, is not buried, and his cause lives on.

They say they have there — from the development of payment, minimum premium: how many people searched, how many bags, which were confiscated as well — accounting and control. I think the biggest "progressivku" would have received the most "inventive" … In my thoughts, dreams, he stops firmly nuns who carried the figure of Our Lady — received an anonymous call, comrades, that the inside can be a bomb! People are starting to grumble quietly so loud, yet not complaining, do not, but their behavior to disagree, their police chain adtsyasnyayuts side. And the Mother of God skillfully catches Rex sniffing police. The priests and monks pray quietly, and some of the pilgrims try to ask questions annoyed. Thick sergeant corresponds to them — and suddenly the opium inside forgotten — what is your religion? And at the very mouth from ear to ear.

But a second, more good-natured-looking (say, a good investigator), soothes: do not panic, comrades, now check your article, just in case, and continue to pray, then baptized on — as you want, as Lenin taught us — "to God hope, and he does not cloak ", comrades.

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