Polotsk activist again made small bully

Victor Kolesnik, one of the founders of the public association "region free", Novopolotsk City Court fined "for using foul language." Activist awarded a fine of 70,000.

According to the activist Victor Kolesnik, it, along with Eugene Parchynskim and Ilya Bogdanov was detained in the evening on May 11 near the newsstand on the street youth in Novopolotsk.

All three were taken to a medical examination at the city hospital. If the tests showed that the activists are sober and are in adequate condition, gentlemen Kolesnik, Parchynskaga and Bogdanov was taken to the police station. There, the activists took a written explanation about what they are doing for the last few hours — just in the second half of the day in Novapolatsk a host of leaflets with portraits of political prisoners.

Ilya Bogdanov and Eugene Parchynskaga three hours to go home, saying that Victor Kolesnik released too soon. However, it is still taken to the detention center, where activist and spent last night. It drew up a protocol for using foul language in a public place — the very near a newsstand, where the detention occurred.

When the morning of May 12 Mr. Kolesnik was taken to court, it became clear that the process did not show the police witnesses. Activist announced an alternative: either he waits days in the temporary detention until all police will be able to come to court or pay it immediately minimum fine for disorderly conduct. Activist chose the latter.

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