Poltergeist in Yalta: the supermarket burned continue to ignite things

October 30, 2011 9:35

Cause of the fire has not yet been clarified. Photo: UNIAN

This time broke refrigerator

The fire occurred about one o'clock. For unknown reasons, in the supermarket shopping, the one in which the last Saturday had a major fire, lit cold room.

Recall October 22 in Evpatoria fire for five hours putting out a large supermarket, located on Victory Avenue — not far from the city center. Then a fire forced the evacuation of 120 people, and the prospect was like a scenery for the film-catastrophe.
The fire destroyed 900 square meters of space! A day after a fire here again — a draft blew smoldering under the rubble debris.

— Until now under investigation and establish the main causes of fire — reported "KP", the press service of the State Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in Crimea. — As of yesterday's fire, cold room, the area of damage is small — 6 square meters. No one is hurt.

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