Prices for apartments in Kolomna

Prices for apartments in KolomnaNot bad information in this day and coming from the home builders such as Mosoblstroy-3. Now builder Gazsetservis implements the project of building a new neighborhood in the city Luhovitsy, rooms in the apartments are a lot cheaper than all the other projects in the lakes apartments in the building of red sails, which will be built around 7-8 years. For example, the price of sale in Kolomna nice apartment redevelopment will cost about 2.3 million, but its size will be, will amount to 60-70 meters of the home. On the basis of such a great opportunity that company price home surrounded by Kolomna soon to fall, from walking out of the demand for apartments is not brand new to the market will gradually decline. But we must not always think that this company has a lot of other projects, some of the sites did very well. Every day in the implementation of the home, must have at least 1.5-2 million but the house is now quite normal. On the basis of the buildings and the cost of housing in Kolomna in the village of Contemporary demand for them will be a very long time, do not forget that the houses in the village in Lukhovitsy Contemporary is a minor deviation because he does not reside in the heart of the town, and a little away from the town, maybe he has there he is narrow-minded and scenic spots. The apartments, which are now being sold by the builder to have Lukhovitsy price I must say exorbitant because the price per square meter of 50-60 thousand rubles in Kolomna equivalent to the price per square meter in Moscow suburbs, the price of apartments in Lukhovitsy evenly to fall due to the construction of multiple dwellings. Prices for apartments in Kolomna, say, huge apartments will drop about 15 percent, but the price of one-bedroom apartments have to go to the bottom by about 15 percent. The whole history of the formation of the market the sale of apartments in Kolomna linked to the rise and fall of prices for apartments in Kolomna, while apartment prices were down 40 percent, rose slowly because of increased demand, and naturally increased and demand go again languid days and the price of apartments, as well as at least some other real estate will be fall, uniformly decreasing demand. Also useful for people in Kolomna legal services at a flat.

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