Properties of the carrier rocket Proton

Languid rocket-carrier "Proton"Set up to output devices gallakticheskih civilian and military mission to orbit the Earth.

In these days of rocket-carrier "Proton"Is used in a communications satellite, navigation satellites (GLONASS), orbital station modules (" World "and the ISS), also gallakticheskih interplanetary vehicles and satellites missile warning.

The company International Launch Services Inc. (ILS), is carrying out in the global market Marketing Russian carrier rocket "Proton", and the Japanese company Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) today announced an agreement to start using the "Proton" 2-communications satellites for the Turkish operator Turksat AS, said the Khrunichev Center.

Gallaktichesky machine Turksat 4A will be launched at the end of 2013, satellite Turksat 4B — first in 2014 is the first agreement signed ILS with the Japanese company Mitsubishi.

Satellites have to secure the services of television and broadband services throughout the country of Turkey, in Europe, Central Asia, Middle East and Africa.

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