Prosecutor General's Office has given approval to listen on all presidential candidates

On Thursday in the trial of Vladimir and Vitaly Rymashevsky Nyaklyaeu and Infusion Palazhanka, Alexander Feduta, Andrei and Sergei Dmitriev Wozniak again read printouts of telephone conversations.

The morning session began with the rejection of all three alleged protection of applications, including as a witness to hear the driver, "Volkswagen", which carried the sound-amplifying equipment, and Milinkevich. Nekljaev outraged. Rymasheuski judge made a third warning and threatened to remove from the process up to the lasthis words.
The prosecutor read quietly and indistinctly, began to resent lawyers. The atmosphere was tense. Then the prosecutor went on to roles read wiretapping Fyaduta talking Milinkevich and Kalyakina. On the remark of a lawyer, voiced conversation with the phone that is registered on the Swedish Embassy, the judge and the prosecutor did not react.
Anastasia Palazhanka, the written materials of the case which has not yet reached turn, expressed this opinion:

Anastasia Palazhanka

"I think it's absolutely normal. Moreover, I was surprised by the position the court that they have been implicated in the case file on the 342 th article. Because really, what I've seen in a criminal case, in all of these volumes — most of the conversations I in their personal reason did not want to read. I do not really interested in their personal lives, their private conversations. And it angered me in the investigators' offices, so I resent the fact that they want to put all of this in the media. Same wiretapping talks Kalyakina Milinkevich and in the office of the "Movement" For Freedom. " Well, in any normal country legally will articulate to the courts as evidence of people talking, ex-presidential candidates? Of course, this angers. "
There was one victory in the defense and the accused. The prosecutor had intended to read the printout conversation Alexander Fyaduta a KGB investigator Ruslan Ivanov in the prison, which had a private character, and an investigator promised that it would not be used in the case file.

Sergei Wozniak

Sergei Wozniak indignant and said defiantly my ears. Protest conceived. After lunch, the turn and calls Wozniak. Sergei then joked that he, as a military man, spoke briefly, concisely. But its overall score is as follows:
"I think we are now complicit in the crime, which is called the" discrediting the Republic of Belarus. "Because if outside of our country know that all of the candidates, all of their agents, leaders of political parties and movements during the election campaign of sanctions by the General Prosecutor's Office were put on wiretapping — from us in shock and horror. "
At the end of the turn to the case file Andrey Dmitriev, who is now 30 years old. Continue the process on Friday and 10 hours.


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