Psychic Tatarstan solved crime

December 20, 2011 2:33

Tahir Haydarov showed where the woman's body buried Photo: Rimma Osipov

Tahir Haydarov showed where the woman's body buried Photo: Rimma Osipov

Psychic showed the place where they buried the corpse disappeared residents of Tatarstan.
Only after the application of a resident clairvoyant fate Nurlat interested her colleagues and the police.

Black circle over the house — a sign of the deceased

Nurlat (it is in Tatarstan), the city can be called a stretch. 30 thousand inhabitants, private homes than high-rise buildings.

Taxi driver Jalil Husaenov likes to talk with customers. That spring, when his car got a man of thirty, he first struck up a conversation with a passenger. Word for word, and Jalil told the stranger about his trouble — that his 25-year-old son was in a car accident and after the coma, for two years now is, can not move or talk.

— Neurosurgeon said that her son brain dead and there is no hope — lamenting Jalil.

The client asked the driver if he had any photographs of her son, and when Jalil handed him a picture that he always carried with him, heard the unexpected.

— Your son pulls through — stunned the driver and passengers, even when the guy just said, back on track. — He will walk in a year, two months and two weeks.

The man, who gave the family hope Husaenovyh, was healer and psychic. Tahir Haydarov promised to come to their home and help the disabled.

The promise of the witch doctor performed, but without going to the gate of a private house, where they live Husaenovy he stopped and said that in the garden of the neighboring house buried in a woman's body.
— I saw a black circle above the house. This means that there is a dead man, and he is waiting for his funeral — told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" his psychic vision Tahir Haydarov.

Version of "run away with her lover," arranged for all

Word sorcerer, about what is buried in the garden corpse Husaenovyh surprised. From this house, seven or eight months ago, she was gone — law wife of the house owner Larissa. Neighbor tractor then explained that she just ran away. Like, fell in love with someone and left, although they have lived together for more than seven years.

So nobody Larissa Mikhailova search did not. The disappearance of 41-year-old woman were not surprised nor her children, whom she had once abandoned or colleagues. Selhozferme at work, where she worked milkmaid, a version of the trip for personal happiness, all too well arranged.

Reminded of the words of Larissa after psychic. A small town, and a rumor that a woman was killed and buried in the garden, broke instantly. Could not get this version and up to the police. How else to explain that only a year has finally published a statement about the disappearance of Larissa Mikhailova — write it suddenly decided to farm director, where she worked for Larissa. The police decided to question her husband — 57-year-old Rifkat Gumerova. But the man kept saying — threw his Larissa.

— Several times we have checked his words, his alibi was not there when we had already collected evidence, he was arrested and he confessed that he beat to death his wife — said "KP" precinct police Mukhametzyanov Diamond.

Gumerov showed where he buried the body of Larissa. It is at this place was pointed out by a few months ago and psychic.

Body of a woman found exactly where the medicine man showed earlier Photo: Rimma Osipov

Body of a woman found exactly where the medicine man showed earlier Photo: Rimma Osipov

Clairvoyant is not looking for fame, he is looking for people

The police insist that psychic disclosure of this case is not relevant. Law enforcement officers do not believe the rumors, they just did not have a piece of paper — statements about the disappearance, this year they were not looking for a woman and.

Tahir himself psychic Gumerov said that did not officially announce the police about their guesses — he will not go into it. And no time to him — he has every day, dozens of patients. Come to the clairvoyant and healer from Russia and even from foreign countries.

— What can I do to help. I treat cancer, drug addiction, a lot of the challenges come — says Tahir. — My grandmother recently came one son was looking for. I looked up the photo and told her that he was in the Moscow region in the country, clearly saw three trees and a hut. She went, brought, without memory, though, he said, but alive and well. I say that in my ear, then I retell people.

Hear strange voices and see strange characters Tahir began about five years ago, after he was knocked "Kamaz" and he was in a coma for a long time.

Hear strange voices and see strange characters Tahir began after fell into a coma Photo: Rimma Osipov

Hear strange voices and see strange characters Tahir began after fell into a coma Photo: Rimma Osipov

— At first I thought losing my mind. Saw people. If black specks, that means he has damage, if it is time to die, then it appears a black ribbon. I see it all, I can talk to the dead — shared man.

But according to Tahir, psychic abilities he has inherited. Medicine man he was in the seventh generation. In Uzbekistan, where born Tahir, doctoring worked and his great-grandmother, and my grandmother, and sister, who are now, by the way, is actively assisting the investigating authorities in solving crimes.

Most Haydarov not been invited to Moscow and St. Petersburg for Psychic Battle — he refused, though he lived very modestly in a rented apartment. Tahir said that he needed more Nurlat and just wants to help people. And besides, a doctor's wife is expecting a child, the ultrasound said it would be a girl, but he is without it knew from the start that it would be my daughter.

Instead of an epilogue

The son of a taxi driver Jalil, despite the verdict of doctors began to sit down, and even, though with difficulty, to talk. Rasim parents believe that the promises will come true healer: in May, when will one year, two months and two weeks after the first meeting with a psychic, their son back on track.


Constantine Kojeve, operations officer for the Criminal Investigation Department of the Engels district of the Saratov region:

"We do not believe the Warlocks'

— We rarely enlist the services of psychics. In most cases, they give the fuzzy information, which can not push on specific guidelines, contact. Moreover, their testimony in court can not be used, they are not evidence.

And at this time

Clairvoyant found the body of the missing girl …

27-year-old Elena Tautinova lost in Engels (Saratov region) in early November. Curly blonde was last seen the evening of November 9 at the grocery store, she was going to meet her friends. But they confirmed that Lena did not wait. After a week of fruitless searches native Lena turned to a psychic.

— Friends know where she is, but are afraid to say! Woman killed by them — taken aback searchers clairvoyant Valeria. — The body is in the forest, not far from the road, I can show you. She was shot in the head of its young people. He was angry, just furious was. Waving his arms, and then fired. Will say that it was an accident, and the witnesses will confirm.

Two hours later, the body Tautinovoy investigators actually found in that place Valeria. Another two were arrested Edward Akhmatov guy Lena and alleged killer.

— I wanted to make a joke, playing with a gun and accidentally pulled the trigger — he said the first interrogation. At the confrontation version suddenly confirmed and remain silent before a friend. They were crying and saying they were afraid, realizing what had happened, so they decided to hide the body … can be sure that Lena never be found.

— According to these indications, we have opened a criminal case on "causing death by negligence", but waited for the results of forensic ballistics. And it showed that the shooting was directly in the eye. Although Akhmatov claimed that the bullet grazed Lena tangentially, by chance, — says the investigator JI Engels SU TFR in the Saratov region Denis Abramenko.

Case reclassified under "murder" when get nerves of one of her friends. She said that on that evening Edward jealous of Lena to one of the men of the company. Became a Woman accused of treason, and then grabbed the weapon. When Lena fell to the ground, he scared of all those present, saying that they will go accomplices in the murder …

Akhmatova shines up to 10 years in prison.

Vera Sokolova ("KP" — Saratov ")

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