Putin against the Belarusian agricultural machinery manufacturers

During the meeting of the Council for National Projects premer Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin has said the country will retain measures to limit imports of milk powder and products of agricultural machinery:

"We have to Last year, a number of decisions to limit the importation of imported powdered milk, and overall it has a positive role, because it keeps afloat our dairy producers. We have to maintain this policy. The same applies to the agricultural machine "- quoted Putin's news agency" Novosti ".

According to the Russian prime minister, agricultural machinery industry is developing in Russia, and the conditions for agricultural machinery manufacturers be no worse than for foreign companies entering the Russian market.

Obviously, not least meant Russia, which supplies to the neighboring country of diverse agricultural machinery and components.

Today, Putin said that he became acquainted with the tractors, which are produced by the Russian company "Agratehmash-T." "Technology is wonderful to support them" — summed up by Vladimir Putin.


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