Putin called on Belarus to join

Work within the framework of the Customs Union should be started in a trilateral format with the active participation of the Belarusian side, Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Putin quotes "Interfax-West": "I believe that it is important to immediately start work in a trilateral format with the active participation of our Belarusian partners. Russian is set to such a complete win-win cooperation", — Putin said at a meeting of the Government Presidium on Thursday .

Putsin recalled that in July in Russia and Kazakhstan joined the Customs Code of the Customs Union. However, he stressed that the launch of the second phase of the Customs Union — a landmark, but at the same time "Starting" step, and now it is important not only to ensure its besperaboynuyu, smooth work, but also intensify the training of the next stage of integration.

"I mean the project to create a single economic space. The first set of documents, which forms its base, must be ready to end this year"- Said Putin.

He recalled that the SES — is a much deeper level of integration, the essence of which is to coordinate the economic policies of the Member States and the creation of conditions for a broader application of uniform social standards.

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