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— Farewell, ByNet! RIP
— And if he was?

(Mini-dialogue forum on the entry into force of the decree number 60)

If you keep in mind the community that would recognize their subjectivity and self-interest, I felt the need of certain rights and freedoms, and most importantly — ready to defend them, in short, would have been the civil society, in this sense, the Belarusian Internet does not exist. To be more optimistic, he just born. Slowly and timidly.

Thus, the decree number 60 is not so much a reactive, as a preventive measure. Belarusian average Internet user is unable to assess the harmfulness of its complete, because it does not use the opportunities the network, which are aimed at limiting the decree. It seems obvious that he was needed in order to keep the Internet space to become what it could become the presidential election and the alleged protest actions associated with them — the brain and coordinating civilian center.

In February, I expressed the aspirations of the fact that the decree number 60, paradoxically, may work as an "obstetrical" means: "Internet users now understand that they are here for a reason — so hit the thumbs on the bench nibbling sunflower seeds — a threat to the regime, powerful social force. So, must comply. " Or, at least, as a forum participant wrote tut.by biofag: "The Russian fruit — sweet, therefore, aware that" Big Brother is watching you ", will not help to have a desire to spite the" authorized state agencies. '"

Perhaps all of this is yet to come. Today, however, the reaction of the blogosphere on the entry into force of the decree number 60 does not correspond to the severity of the event. This is unfortunate, though understandable — firstly, the heat razmyakchae brains and gives thoughts unselfishness growing medium, and secondly, to the one who comes in the Internet as a place for recreation and entertainment, and it is in fact the majority of users, the decree does not threaten .

"To have nothing to fear, then do not be against" — writes lml10. What you need to read as follows: there is nothing to be afraid of someone who is not a threat to the authorities, that is loyal or indifferent to the policy of the user. If not — are to blame.

"And that would be? People come to see you in uniform? Will lead to an unknown destination? Then thousands of people will have to take. I'm sorry, but it seems to me that you are too intimidated ", — questioned the need to sound the alarm lml10.

"Otmanivaet will not, but this is the last clue to keep on the hook. Let's ban tomorrow pukats and introduce criminal responsibility for it — pukats people will not stop, but the "kill" the case dissenters — is that cigarette smoke ", — answers ivanovich1987.

On the same theme interviewed in the magazine utro_vecher. The landlord blog expressed in the sense that all is likely to remain in place, the analogy with the ban drinking beer on the street: "Ever since banned the drink beer on the street, buldosy on this very street does not become less."

He objected to roman_off:

"But the opportunities were added if necessary to take buldosy for ass. Same with the decree number 60: strict, but not required for daily use. It is used in case of need someone to press on or run over someone. "

Blog host does not understand why such ceremonies — ostensibly state can without them "to take over the ass" of who she is not nice.

roman_off: "The need for visibility of the law. It's like a circus fokusniku all have to believe in his magic tricks, though everyone knows that he is cheating. But nobody gets up and says, "Enough to deceive us! Fuck you to hell with their tricks! ". After all these at once deduce under white ruchenki and more in the circus is not allowed. "

utro_vecher: "And what is the visibility? The people and so will swallow without sight. "

roman_off: "If the state does not perform visibility, it soon will record in North Korea, and will be once in a hundred years, let alone the World Cup. And even there any Brazilians will clobber him. "

utro_vecher: "Theoretically agree, you're right. Almost deal with the fact that we somehow do not like the appearance of running your hands often. And that is important — it is on the official level, because unofficially that the visibility is not performed everywhere from Flaridy to Zimbabwe. "

roman_off: "Well, so we are only at the hockey championships and allowed. In general, the struggle for efficiency and prymyanimasts law for all darlings, including the very ones who represent the state, there is a holy thing, and soon. In other nice northern countries, it reached nyablagih success. It is in our Palestine pakulshto strong parent-child relationship between the state and darling, with all the manipulation and pubertatsyyami. "

("Congratulations, comrades!", — congratulates the community minsk_by robohop_net. "Do not forget to put the scans on yuzerpik passport for identification. Raise a glass, drink and reminisce ByNet ")

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