Read, or just commenting? (Poll)

Letter from the capital drunks and the caveman to the public

Read, or just commenting?  (Poll)I understand that many disingenuous, in response to the above question, but the topic Sia — and relevant, and hot. The workaround is unrealistic, and do not get something. Why not talk cordially with the readers? Do not ask them razlyubeznyh: And you do bukovkoy all know, either through one?

Ugh, how rude, utter readers. It is shaped izymatelstvo. And the readers are right: this is an insult to the creator of the address of the public can not be forgiven. Although some experienced writer or journalist knows it. For without the public has no creator. That is why an eerie fate of those who have to write "on the table."

But creator waiting for reciprocity from the public. No, not necessarily praise. Creator and you can scold, scold. It will benefit him, and oh so abundant time "pluses" and it can spoil.

Contrary to popular opinion, the creator of (experienced) do not like not sharp criticism, not remark on the error, not clarify, in large numbers arriving from readers, and even more so onymi not formulate their own views, beginning with a festive entry: "I think …" No, comments and criticism — in the order of things, and why are welcome. But in the near future become even more often manifest paradox blitz culture of the XXI century, which has one problem: faster, faster, faster, if people set ourselves the goal to refute the well-known Russian proverb. People rush past his life, wrote a clever Gazdanov, I will add to it: and by someone else.

Bedolage creator in our high-speed time is not like … uh, he, as you can see, not like the fact that his creator, do not read. It is not that he is boring or written himself, and that his articles and reviews commented quite busy, but the other reviews of this article are of such a case is not enough, no matter how "Taliban" has the orbital flight of the probe "Mars — Odysseus" . Bold reader rushes to the keyboard, without having read the text, and focusing on the title — so what if he was not very longish. (By the way, the editors of "VO" thinking to move to a concise format: publish one title).

In what does not accuse journalists of "Military Review"! A list of sins: it begins with a "lack of knowledge of the subject" and the creator of the accusations that he was supposedly "not served" and "footcloths not smell," and ends with an acute, with dots, criticizing the creator's personal position, which he seemed to deign to make. Give specific examples I will not: I do not want to hurt or offend anyone. I will say there are just examples, and not in the singular.

"Reading" reviews, built by the analyst in the framework of a 10-sources, other commentators "VO" (and not just "in" this "unkind" tradition is inherent in all Russian sector of the Web), void sumnyashesya admit that everything that caught their eye frisky in the article — the essence of the outlook and attitude of a single person, namely the one whose signature is emblazoned just below the last paragraph. And what are the thoughts, words and deeds of Obama, Romney, Netanyahu, Victoria Nuland, Jacob Zuma Gedleyihlekisy or Mr. Hertz of «Free Beacon», whose names, like rock marks, dotted with charts, they are not worried.

In the end, the poor fellow creator receives from the "readers" a thousand and one characteristic. Answer-mind everyone? .. Yes, there is neither time nor desire nor the real feelings of resentment, so do it. Shrug — that's what I do hunt. And I (and other creators) hunt to realize that many readers as a matter of fact, then? 40 thousand — or four?

Before starting this article, I carefully read the reviews about their own recent reviews posted on the "IN" and then safely rastaschennyh by a global network — and put together a good collection of hard-hitting hell itself, sweetheart.

It turned out that I was right, "liberast", "tolerast", "anti-American", "proputinets", "communist", "sovpropagandist", "Muscovite," whose movements are placed in the Garden Route of the ring, "jingo" and at the same time Russian servant of the white houses, sitting tightly on gosdepovskih grants, such as fellow which drinks and smokes in the morning, and not "Java gold" and zaboristye cannabinoids, and in the evening take up the syringe — about the size of that of which showed in the movie "Prisoner of the Caucasus" … sense of humor, is seen by reading the masses, I have a little, and that The supplies a poor ironic that in the arsenal, there is not enough even to that limited public that graze on other web sites, where the average IQ of Einstein, divided by the number of daily visitors.

Summary: I — a drug addict, and proputinets "tolerast" rolled into one. Very complex and very controversial thing, I tell you to. Strife-torn to shreds just in smoke.

Oh yeah, forgot: I also eater of mushrooms. Hallucinogenic. On one website (I will not name) even posted a picture. Those fungi (not pickled krasnogolovikov), which I pound otkushivayu before the writings of another opus.

Finally, I often delirious. Well, not often, of course, other pochetaemyh, as well, and not respected, creators, and not less often. This last conclusion, by the way, is logical: if I drink, punctures and consume mushrooms, and then I have to rave about. Shall I can not rave about something — strshnom in such a state?

But I'm not a Muscovite. Malehankih I live in a village of 280 inhabitants in the Tyumen region. Do not try to shoot up is the "mushroom". I do not smoke and I do not drink: no vodka, no wine, no beer or any other alcohol. To them, I prefer green tea. With meadowsweet or mint, and from time to time with cleavers. How to get on me "liberast" and "proputinets," God knows. More precisely, he knows reader. One which hastily, somewhere between Coca-Cola and sausage, which is dripping with grease on the keyboard, runs two to three title to "Military Review" — and before you know it, after a minute is ticking finger-free sausages, own three 50 ninth comment …

So, dear comrades and gentlemen, and ladies, answer. You are viewing the text, or its obligations mankiruete?

Responding to a question, try not to impale anyone. Either himself or me. Neither the editors beloved website. And then banned, God forgive me, every single one … :)

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