Rejuvenation: Ten Years Down

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Author: Natalia Klim

For dense explain: Rejuvenation has a photo and "Photoshop" irrelevant. It's about fashion cosmetic procedure. The skin was irradiated by the special light, and to celebrate, she becomes young and beautiful.

Although this Miracleprocedure appeared in an assortment of beauty salons just five years ago, it quickly gained popularity among "those who are over thirty." Because, First, not scary and it does not hurt — no cuts and punctures. Secondly, after rejuvenation is possible without the burqa to go out — the psyche of others will not suffer. The only reminder of what had happened — a slight reddening of the skin (for a maximum of an hour), as after a bath. And and thirdly, in fact, that for which everything was started — the result. Wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion is improved, dark spots, acne and spider veins disappear. However, not once, but two weeks later. But for a long time: for three years at a minimum.

On a variety of sites that advertised such a service, offer fotoomolazhivatsya from three to seven times with a break inthree or four week. But competent beauticians claim that is usually enough three or four sessions (with a break infour to six weeks): the first "wake up" the skin, the remaining — to consolidate the results.

Resurfacing is contraindicated:

  • Blacks and people with very dark skin;
  • with a fresh tan (not just poluchennogom on the beach or in the tanning bed, but deposited with the bronzer) — less than two weeks;
  • in diseases of the thyroid gland;
  • during pregnancy;
  • for cancer;
  • in acute inflammatory diseases of the skin.

What's going on?


After cosmetician grasped exactly how radiation (in the range from 515 to 1200 nm), and on what part of the body to shine, the client makes himself comfortable. If the place of impact — the person she was given a protective sunglasses.

First, the area of skin that you want to rejuvenate, rubbed a special tonic, in order to remove dirt and cosmetics. Then lubricate the fiber optic gel with cooling effect that was not burned. Built-infiber-tip cooling system is not everywhere, but only in "photo", the latest generation of devices.

Then the skin inch by inch process "rejuvenating" light — short bursts. It is important to ensure that the beam does not fall under the hair (eyebrows), tattoo and moles — a beam of light, they will immediately be discolored. On average, skin rejuvenation procedure takes 20 to 40 minutes. Nazaklyuchitelnom stage applied to the skin sunscreen.

After the procedure is forbidden to go to the bath for three days and sunbathing during the four weeks. The sun is not near, but to travel to hot Turkey, of Egypt better to abstain.

From the inside

Scattered incoherent (not your laser!) IPL-light which includes beams of visible and infrared parts of the spectrum permeates through the upper layer of the skin and cooperates with collagen colored objects (melanin, hemoglobin) and adjacent tissues. Energy rays absorbed as it leads to selective heating. Result:

  1. cells are destroyed with an excess of melanin — fade age spots,
  2. melts hemoglobin in dilation of the capillaries — spider veins go away,
  3. The "old" collagen (the protein responsible for skin elasticity) dies, but it accelerates the formation of the "new."

It seems to be resurfacing procedure should be the number 1 in cosmetology, but it does have some significant disadvantages. First, it is not cheap. For example, facial rejuvenation costs about 10,000 rubles, and if added to it's neck and neck — twice the price. Multiply by four (the number of sessions) and get mad money. Secondly, more than one third of the resurfacing does not give visible results. The reason may lie in the peculiarities of the skin or improperly chosen wavelength or radiation dose.

By the way, experts say: the more powerful reaction to the outbreak — the stronger the anti-aging effect. So if in response to the procedure your skin swollen or permanently acquired purple hue — Rejoice. Ten years will throw off, no less!

How to choose a salon?

To begin salon should look decent. And it should work the doctors, not pluralists of the nearest barber shop. Before you put the customer under the beam, it should view beautician. If not, you can immediately slam the door.

Comment specialist

"Photorejuvenation prints laser tattoo much better, especially those in which there is a red color. Even the scar remains. Last time, we often come client wishing to get rid of the tattoo lips or eyebrows. It happens that the bad luck with the master and the lines got curves, or unlucky with the dye — the color has changed over time. "

Oksana Lisno, MD, a physician Category I cosmetic surgeon, Medical center "Rednor."

As casually ask, whether there is a center for a long time, and if he has a license to work withIPL-systems. If the "camera" inside the old — older than eight years old, which means that it is not the most decent filters. They are not able to cut off the entire UV spectrum, and instead of rejuvenation can get burned.

Note: power good application — no less than 30 joules per square centimeter. The pulse duration — 80 ms. Note the waveguides, they must be precious — sapphire. The maximum area of the useful radiation in modern devices is not less than three square centimeters, however, the quality of the procedures for this parameter has no effect.

Recently, the market of devices for skin rejuvenation appeared LHE (LHE) devices, they have a greater efficiency and fewer side effects, but they have not passed the test of time, as IPL-phones… And for those who are afraid of getting burned on milk, explains. Today, no one beautician in the world will not give a guarantee on resurfacing more than five years. Just because the technique is too new, long-term results are still not well known.

Although what can be the harm of ultraviolet light spectrum with a cut? One use only.

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