Relationship of cause for questioning


Today, she phoned the deputy head of the investigation department of the Minsk prosecutor Victor Feschenko and required to appear for questioning. He said that Natalia Radin call as a witness, but he did not report on any matter.

On Feschenko, "There are a number of issues in connection with the information that Radin is a site administrator". He said that it is not related to the criminal case of defamation by the former head of the KGB in the Gomel region of Ivan Korzha.

On the case Journalist held as a witness at the office site was searched and seized eight computers.

Since July 1 Belarus will come into effect new rules regulating the Internet.

According to Radin, "the authorities decided not to waste a single day, after the presidential elections have much time left, and from the first day of entry into force of the odious decree of the Internet began to put pressure on independent journalists." It also connects directly to the persecution of the site with the participation in the presidential campaign Andrei Sannikov.


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