Remove the damage (loss program)

November 14, 2011 8:06

Candles heal.
Melted wax candles like tears. These tears help to treat people, relieve pain, fear, evil eye and spoilage.
Wax absorbs all negative, as an alien, aimed at individual as well as his own, coming from inside.

Wax casting serves as a shield, reflects, according to the ancient healing practices of the Slavs, all ills.

With the casting of wax can remove damage, evil eye, headaches, nervousness.
Casting wax
Ancient Slavic method is quite simple, as, indeed, and all ancient wisdom. We need 150 grams of wax, cold water, which previously was a silver object.

The water should be taken before the sun, saying:
"The ancestors-Dedic! Let water collect from all evil, from all evil magic, of all creatures, from all the pain, the good health of such and such (name). Goy! Glory! "
Drawing water in a clean stream or river, it is necessary to draw against the current, as in the well — from east to west, against the sunset. And, returning to the water to your home, you can never look back.
Melted wax and then poured into cold water. Before making a cast, you must think about what it is you want to see: someone else's influence, or who harm than harm, or, for example, illness. And it is here, see that the cast will have you. However, the symptoms of the disease, damage and other adverse effects in wax quite similar.
It is best to do three castings, putting every time well-defined objectives:
— head casting (evil thoughts, damage, suggestion from, headaches, etc.);
— Heart casting (the heart, the emotions, the damage);
— casting on the reproductive (damage and negative suggestion aimed at gastrointestinal tract, genitals, feet, etc.).
Casting can get the following:
— Bubbles within the casting means experience.
— Columns, reaching from the surface to the bottom, point to a serious damage, removal of which would cost energy and effort.
— Bumps that resemble little balls clearly indicate spoilage.
— If these knobs much, and besides, they are of irregular shape, know that someone has for you a burning hatred, envy, and gladly sent to your address curse for curse. Then it's time you start a file of covert and overt enemies.
— Flattened bumps mean whammy.
— If the entire pattern casting twists eyelet, know that you are hovering on the damage, passed on to you "inherited" by the mother.
— Circular, convex in the middle of the waves indicate a strong emotional depression, fear, and a predisposition to headaches.
— The chain of mountains — a disadvantage that impairs energy. Try to rearrange the bed in the house: it is possible, it is in the geopathic zone or her "angle looks" some other furniture, or maybe you are a "donor" energy vampire and lose energy? Worse than others: when the chain of mountains encircles the entire cast, it is — the curse spell.
— Ragged casting mean instability, fear, morbidly nervous condition.
— Casting with a pronounced angle — a sign of deterioration and damnation. Take care of Obereg and strengthening energy.
— Frequent small band around the perimeter of the casting means fear and constant headaches.
— Different magnitude and direction of blotches and lines on the perimeter of the casting, small dots, various lines indicate that you regularly attack energetically sends damage, misfortune, etc.
After casting her treatment with the water poured on the head or behind the sick person, saying: "As to the gods tear, so with (name) hvoroba …"

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