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April 28, 2012 21:13

On that day, the owner of a dairy farm Harry T. Wilcox nourished his field. Shortly before ten o'clock in the morning he stopped work and went to check another field, surrounded by forest and located a mile from the barnyard.

We arrived with a celestial body, which you, the people who call the planet Mars

The farmer wanted to see as to whether the condition of the land to start plowing. Going to the field, he saw lying object, which at first took to be discarded refrigerator, and then — for a wing or some other part of the aircraft. Approaching, Wilcox saw ovoid object about five to six meters, made of solid-looking metal, never anything like he saw Wilcox touched him, but did not feel the heat.

Harry did not notice a door or something similar on the hatch. Yet somewhere suddenly there were two human-beings. They have been growing about 1 meter 20 centimeters, and dressed in suits seamless helmets covered their faces and were not allowed to consider them. It seems that they had arms and legs. They spoke to Wilcox for a nice English, but his voice, according to the witness, did not come from the head, but on the whole body. "Do not worry, we first have to communicate with people. We arrived with a celestial body, which you, the people who call the planet Mars, "they said.

Despite the confidence to Harry that someone plays it, a strange conversation continued. Both being interested in fertilizer and took particular interest in its application. They stated that Mars also grow food, but because of changes in the environment, a number of problems, and they hope to resolve them with terrestrial methods. Guests were asked quite childish questions and seemed, did not have any knowledge in this area. Each of them was holding a tray filled with earth. "When they were talking about space or his ship, I found it hard to understand their explanation. They said they could fly with their planet only once every two years and are now exploring the Western Hemisphere, "- said Wilcox.

Creatures explained that land only in the daytime, "because their ship harder to spot during the day," and were amazed, as Wilcox saw their unit. Newcomers willingly shared their knowledge of space flight. Finally, they asked for a bag of fertilizer, but when Wilcox went after him, the machine took off and within a few seconds out of sight. The witness brought a bag of fertilizer and put it on the spot where stood the machine, the next day the bag was gone.

In many cases, the plantations in South America witnesses watched as the strange creatures collected samples of soils, plants, and even stones. One gets the impression that all of their behavior is directed to the fact that we believe in the cosmic origin of themselves and aircraft. And indeed, such absurd incidents have had a profound effect on many researchers, and they share time believed that UFOs are spacecraft sent by an extraterrestrial civilization

November 1, 1954 forty-year-Dainelli Lottie Rose went to the cemetery Poggio Ambra in beech, near Arezzo (Italy). Devout Italian carrying a pot of flowers. Her thoughts at the time were far from science fiction, and yet it happened in the next moment, perhaps the most unusual incident burst UFO sightings in 1954. As soon as Mrs. Lottie-Dainelli out into the open, grassy, she saw a torpedo-like Upright machine with sharp edges. In other words, it was a car shaped like two cones with a common base. In a small cone had an opening through which to view two small seats. On the surface the device appeared metallic. Prior to that, the witness had not seen anything similar.

Because of the object appeared two figures rise about 1 meter 20 centimeters, wearing gray coveralls and reddish leather helmets, almost like a military mechanic drivers. In the center of the forehead they had some sort of a "bulge". With a joyful smile overlooking their small teeth bared — speaking in an incomprehensible language, the two men approached the woman, and one of them took her a pot of flowers. Mrs. Lottie-Dainelli attempt to seize back their thing, but there did not pay any attention to it and get back to your vehicle. The witness screamed and began to run. She returned with a help, turn on and cop. But it was too late — the object was gone. However, many saw the flying machine, leaving a red-and-blue ribbon cable.

One ancient legend (contains all elements typical of "a plate of history), the hunter said to descend from the sky" basket. " There are twelve girls amazing beauty. Man tried to approach them, but the "basket" quickly took off and out of sight. One of the following days the same hunter again saw the strange object, down to the ground. With cunning he had come close to the basket and steal one of the girls. He married her, and she bore him a son. Nothing, however, could not replace his lost wife sester.Ona fashioned basket, and went into it with my son started reading chanted a spell that was formerly used together with her sisters, and rose again to the star, where arrived.

After two years in their heavenly country, she heard a voice: "Your son wants to see his father, so return back to Earth, to bring a spouse and tell him that he gave us samples of all animals that hunt."

She did so. And the hunter went to a distant star and his wife, see his son and went to the great feast, where they were treated meat delivered to the animals.

In this story, intricately mixed some scenes. Some of them are present in today's stories about UFOs, the origin can be traced in other traditional concepts, such as the exchange of food. But there are new elements: the desire of the celestial beings to obtain samples of all animals killed by hunters, and the thought of the possibility of marriage between the celestial and terrestrial species.

One day in the south of Ireland when night fell, the farmer watering his cow at the well and, with a glance over the fence and saw a lot of strange people playing field hockey. When they noticed that he was looking at them one of them came up and hit a cow, and then, turning to the peasant, badly cut his face and body. Unlucky gaper could no longer expose myself so harshly, but after the first meeting, he has returned to the well four times and each time been bit.

November 6, 1957 twelve Everett Clark of Dante, Tennessee — opened the door to let the dog in the yard Frisky. At that moment he saw the field at a distance of hundreds of meters from the house of a bizarre object. Everett decided he fancied, and went back into the house. When the twenty minutes he came to call the dog, saw the object again, and beside him Frisky and other neighborhood dogs. Near the object were also two men and two women in traditional dress. One of the men tried to catch Ski first, then the other dog, but eventually gave up this idea, fearing bites. Everett saw strange people speaking to each other, "like the German soldiers from the movie", held in place right through the body and he silently departed. He was oblong and "indeterminate color."

The following case is an example of incredible condominiums became however, common to UFO researchers: on the same day was another attempt kidnapping dogs, this time in Everitstaune, New Jersey. The city's name is almost identical to the name of the witness previous case.

The incident occurred with Everett Clark at half past six in the morning, but this time it was already getting dark when John Trask, out into the streets to feed the dog, saw the gleaming egg-shaped object hovering in front of the barn. He blocked the way that growth is less than a meter, "with a face the color of mastic and large frog eyes", which said, in broken English: "We are peaceful people, we need only your dog."

A strange creature was clearly stated to get out of his way. It ran away after a few seconds the machine jumped up and dashed off into the sky. Mrs. Trask, according to her, was watching from the window, but saw only the object itself. She said that her husband tried to grab the creature and he was on his sleeve a green powder, and then he washed off. The next day John saw the same powder under his fingernails. Ufonavt was dressed in a green suit with shiny buttons, green hat, like a tam and gloves with sparkling details on the fingertips.

It does not matter whether the land being in flying saucers, or musical "baskets", appear out of the sea, or whether out of the holes. What is important is what they say and what they do: it is this track — track left in the memory of a witness — and is a true herald of each of these stories. The behavior of the alien presents us with examples of different situations and human reactions that cause us concern, anxiety or laughter. These stories with similar plot borders on the ridiculous, and the continuation of their investigation leads to a deadlock. However, this aspect of the phenomenon, we can no longer ignore.

"The human imagination, as any force known to be working on a well-defined laws." These words, written in the Heartland 1891 — a possible clue. Yes, these seemingly absurd stories hidden deep undercurrent that has to find and map. The most accessible part has already been opened and displayed in the past century long-dead scientists. Today, we have a unique opportunity to witness a new breakthrough on the surface of the flow, for which, of course, left their mark our new prejudices our passion for science, our commitment to the promised land on other planets.

We need a new mythology that will bridge the abyss of our mindless present. "Aliens" give us this opportunity. But who are they? Real beings or the phantoms of our dreams? They hang out with us on the "pleasant English", but not in contact with our scientists. Do not send signals as intricate must do all well educated foreigners before dare to enter our solar system. Nothing like that. Instead, they are the common people. What did they say? That came from Mars, they are our neighbors and, most importantly, that they are superior to us and we have to obey them. What are they good …

All it really starts to make some sense. Much has been taken into account by us, but without the historical facts, we will never be able to connect in a whole pieces of the puzzle — the name of a UFO. Priests and scholars left a book about the legends of his time dealing with these creatures. To find, collect and study these books. Taken together, we are interested in stories give a coherent picture of the appearance, organization and methods of operations of our strange visitors. Their appearance — it does not surprise you that? — Exactly the same as today's UFO pilots. Methods of action are the same …

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