Riddle of the Sphinx solved French Egyptologist




Vassil Dobrev, an expert Egyptologist from the French Archaeological Institute in Paris, says that he was able to figure out who is a sculpture of the sphinx, and who built it.

According to the website of the newspaper Daily Telegraph, he believes that the Sphinx was erected Pharaoh Djedefre (Radzhedef), in memory of his father Khufu, who built the Great Pyramid.

The Sphinx is the largest monument in the world, made from a single piece of rock. He served as the material for the limestone, which is easy to process. The monument is 20 meters high and 80 meters long.

According to the generally accepted hypothesis for the moment the Sphinx was built by order of Khafre, or Chephren, the pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, who ruled between 2558 and 2532 years before Christ, and whose pyramid is behind the Sphinx. He is mentioned in the inscriptions on the stone tells of a young prince, who had a dream that the Sphinx promised to make him the pharaoh if it will clear the sand with his feet. Khafre is also credited with the construction of two temples in front of the Sphinx.

However, according to Dobrev, actually Sphinx was built by Khafre's brother and the son of Khufu Djedefre in memory of the deceased father. The scientist noted that the passage connecting the pyramid of Khafre with temples, was built around the monument, which means that by this time he had already existed. In addition, all known statues of Khafre show him with a beard, while the Sphinx is not. According to Dobrev, a giant beard, fragments of which were found at the foot of the Sphinx and stored in the Cairo Museum, was a later addition.
Yet how years ago, the former director of the German Archaeological Institute in Cairo Rainer Shtadelmann proposed an alternative theory that the father of the pharaoh Khafre Khufu built the Great Pyramid at Giza and the Sphinx created. On a small statuette, the only universally accepted image of Pharaoh, it is clear that his square chin, the same as that of the Sphinx.

Dr. Dobrev also says that he has found new images of Khufu, and all he does not have a beard. So this is another proof that the Sphinx depicts Khufu.


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