Rift near Tokyo violated

Japanese scientists have some bad news on the impact of the 9-magnitude earthquake. Rather, the fault has been violated, which takes place in the Tokyo area. The consequences can be disastrous.

These survey results, Japanese scientists' worst fear. It turns out, after a strong earthquake on March 11 increased stress in the fault, held in the Tokyo area.

Rift is stable for many years, but millions of people will remember that he can wake up. It is at this tragic earthquake fault occurred Sept. 1, 1923. In the ruins turned two thirds of the Japanese capital and almost all of Yokohama.

A few minutes on the Kanto Plain killed more than 140,000 people. The earthquake was accompanied by a 11-meter tsunami wave. Scientists believe that a cataclysm with 99 percent certainty could be repeated in the next 20 years. Such events occur once in 100 years.

This means that under the threat of life 39 million people living in the area of potential earthquake epicenter. March 11, immediately after the earthquake, the Pacific Ocean, a crack length of 380 km and a width of 190km. In addition, one of the plates moved by 9 meters.

This caused an increase in pressure on the adjacent segments. Scientists have noticed the change, analyzing the location of the epicenters of recent earthquakes. In addition to the epicenter of the main earthquake in the east of the island of Honshu, were seen as new hubs in different parts of the fault, including in the area of the volcano Mount Fuji, and the north-east of Tokyo.

Despite the fact that the findings are ambiguous, it is difficult to determine when in the Tokyo area could start an earthquake, and what it will power. But the threat is high and it can not be ignored.

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