Risk Factors and Prevention


Bad habits that increase risk Angina

Many bad habits increase the risk of angina. Firstly it applies to chronic overeating leading to obesity and habit eat unbalanced, wrong. Elevated levels of cholesterol, which is observed in these individuals, leads to the deposition of cholesterol plaques in the blood vessels of the heart, which covers the gap and prevent the blood supply to the heart muscle.
Next to overeating and obesity is a sedentary lifestyle gipodimaniya and hypokinesia. Lack of regular exercise greatly undermines the health of the heart, including promotes the development of angina.
Smoking greatly increases risk Many heart diseases including angina, and sudden cardiac death. This is due to a direct effect of nicotine on the heart, as well as mediating the problems, such as lung disease.
Habit do not follow doctor's appointments (low adherence to treatment) also increases the risk. If you are assigned to administration of drugs that lower the pressure, the willful rejection of them significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular complications.

What way of life must be conducted with angina?

Once in the clinic you are diagnosed with angina, it is necessary first of all to radically reconsider their way of life:

  • Gradually increase your daily physical activity. This should be done under the supervision of a qualified trainer or doctor physical therapy. Priority is given to aerobic exercise: running, swimming, biking, dancing, etc.
  • Review and healthier your diet (diet)
  • Reduce the amount of stress in your life, or (if it is possible) to learn techniques to deal with stress.
  • Medication is only second to lifestyle modifications.


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