Robotic surrogates will soon come into our lives

November 5, 2012 23:38

Robotic surrogates will soon come into our livesWith the new communication system called Beaming, you can "get into character" robot and shake hands with the man on the other end of the planet.

A team of scientists from several European standard created a technology that in a few seconds "transfer" of man for thousands of kilometers. This, of course, is not about teleportation, and about robots, avatars, similar to those that were in the film "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis.

The essence of the new technology at first glance is simple: a man puts his hands on a few motion sensors, 3D-glasses virtual reality and "calls" the robot located in a different city, country, continent.

After the connection is established, the person begins to see through the eyes and ears of the robot, and the robot is exactly the same rights movement. So no long trips can visit museums, attend conferences, meetings, carry out specific work that requires highly skilled, etc. However, except for the sounds and the images are transmitted to the sensors and tactile feel of the hands of a robot, ie you can feel like a robot shaking someone's hand or presses a button.

In technologies that were used in the project Beaming, nothing fantastic. The most difficult was to create an algorithm marshal visual, audio and other information, as appropriate for the work of "surrogate" required minimum delay between the movements of the person and the robot.

Currently, developers are trying to teach the robot to perceive and reproduce the most complex aspects of human communication — emotions. Reflect the emotions on "face" robot in principle is not difficult, for this there are many ways, from simple emoticons to artificial muscles that mimic facial expressions. More difficult with the perception of emotion. To solve this problem, scientists are experimenting with brain wave scanning and recognition of human facial expressions.

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