Romanchuk apologizes Khalip and sees a possible Lukashenko New Gorbachev

In a blog on the website of the Russian radio "Echo of Moscow" Yaroslav Romanchuk wrote that Khalip "in principle should not be in the dock. Like all those who gathered on December 19 in the center of Minsk to express their attitude to fake the results of the presidential the company. "

"I. .. sorry to Irina — writes Yaroslav Romanchuk in his blog. — Repent and ask for forgiveness. Of words spoken against their will, uttered under intense pressure. Thank God that all survived. For me, then it was the main thing. Today, the main thing that did not condemn Irina. That she was free to her family was together, so that there was no political prisoners in Belarus. "

In the previous blog on "Echo of Moscow" Yaroslav Romanchuk, among other things, expressed the view Now that in Belarus, "all eyes are turned to Lukashenko. Expectations are growing every day … Alexander Lukashenko may be neo-Gorbachev. Or Belarusian Deng Xiaoping / Lee Kuan Yew. "

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