Roth Baker: at the location / Baker Boys: Inside the Surge watch online

Roth Baker: at the location / Baker Boys: Inside the Surge watch online
"In March 2003, the Coalition cily invade Iraq. 7 years later, more than 100 thousand American soldier is still there. In 2008, I took my camera and went into this desert country. They referred me to the company," Baker ", a 15 — Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division. I got to know them. "Maybe I die next to you. Tell me the truth. "This is what I saw," — says John Steele.
For the next 90 days (as the men left Baker Company prior to the end of their combat mission), an experienced military operator John Steele (Jon Steele) NIGHT MODE and days of filming everything they do, and they say the fighters. Possessing the ability to create all of yourself, this 4-movie series he captured, which means to resist the rebels in a particular closeness and how Company converts the "art of war" in the "art of the agreement." Apart from shooting during the execution of missions, the film focuses on interviews with individual members of the Company "Baker."

Series 1: "Between Iraq and a hell"

At 15 miles south of Baghdad, the men of Baker (Baker Boys) Are on the cutting edge of counterinsurgency. Their mission is, that move into the barren land, to build a combat outpost and reincarnate local Iraqis from enemies into friends.

Series 2: "Tools — also a weapon"

Company Baker begins payments to local Sunni militias, "Sons of Iraq": 10's of thousands of dollars in exchange for surrendered weapon al-Qaeda. This is a complex alliance, because none of the parties do not trust friend the friend, but the violence subsides, disappearing visibility presence of Al-Qaeda, which means that this strategy is working. Exact same company makes a raid in the village of its own zone of liability and ensure the implementation of the humanitarian operation.

Series 3: 'So close and so far away "

The guys from the Baker to the end of their mission left for about a month. They provide a bridge over the Tigris, while the ethnic relations between Sweet and Shiites remain tense.

Series 4: "Long Way Home"

After a 15-month job Baker Boys vorachivayutsya home, and this path is not easy.

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