Russia: Scientists have developed an artificial atmosphere for settlements on the Moon and Mars




Russian scientists have created an artificial environment for future settlements on the Moon and Mars. As the head of the department barofiziologii diving medicine and the Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP), Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Boris Pavlov, "IBMP specialists have developed a special oxygen-argon mixture, allowing a fireproof inside a closed space environment." "With the establishment of bases on the Moon and Mars, the mixture can be used in the homes of the colonists," — he added.

Test the oxygen-helium and oxygen-argon mixtures in volunteers is planned in the course of the experiment for the preparation of a flight to Mars, "500 Days," which will begin at IBMP in 2006. "We have made a proposal to the program of the experiment — one month to create the layout in an artificial atmosphere of the ship" Martian home "and watch how comfortable will feel involved in the study volunteers," — said Pavlov. "Argon in the atmosphere can withstand oxygen deprivation," — he explained.

In Russia, as he said recently during a trip to the U.S. Deputy. Head of Russian Federal Space Agency Nikolai Moiseyev, prospective studies are continuing in order to harness the solar system. According to him, "it is possible that in 2020-2025 will be the goal is a lunar base, and closer to the middle of this century, such a base may also appear on Mars." However, Moses said, for the realization of such ambitious projects "is a broad international cooperation, from the early stages of their study." ITAR-TASS.

Battery News, 01/12/2004 18:29

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