Russian language in the depths of the universe

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From contactee Dmitry Eremin we learn about the planet and civilization of aliens' … Before the land was more, but in prehistoric times, there was a cataclysm, and almost all of the land went under water. Saved a few — only those who lived in areas of high ground, and those who swam at this time on the ships. A new civilization is about several tens or even hundreds of thousands of years, but they do not consider themselves super civilization, and consider themselves to be highly developed community …. "

And where did this amount of water after the cataclysm in ancient times? Only if water supplies were already on the planet in the form of ice, and then there was a cataclysm, the ice melted and rapidly distributed over the surface of the water, flooded much of the land.

Sparse vegetation on land and shiny black leather alien speaks of the great intensity of solar radiation on the planet, probably it is a short distance from the sun, or farther from the sun than the earth, but the brightness of the sun it is very big.

The warm ocean water, warmed by the sun gives rough vegetation. Most of the seismic activity in the ocean causes the motions of the ocean floor and generated a huge wave. The core of the planet is in a highly heated, more liquid than we do. Blue sky with similar atmospheric composition, but much different in the ionization of oxygen and its concentration in order to balance that aliens are portable devices for breathing. On land it is hot and windy. In the stranger formed transparent eyelid as a result of adaptation to the constant sea hurricane winds, which they close during storms, like the goggles.

". were dressed just like Earthlings: pants with blue, loose, not tight-fitting body, blue jackets without collars, like turtlenecks, high boots with heels. " "Standing in the doorway was a stranger dressed in a skin-tight jumpsuit steel color with a smooth rigid collar around the neck of a blue tint. No other details of clothing was not only the side of the pants could see the bulge in the form of an elongated pocket. "

Clothing passengers similar to Earth, only to pilot a special protective suit against the harmful radiation produced during engine operation. Probably a professional pilot a spaceship aliens supposed to wear protective suits made of metallic fabric with reinforced protection for the neck. If the suit fabric metallized soft metal, the collar is made with the addition of solid metal, we have a solid steel gives a blue tint. Clothing on the passengers apparently also has protection against radiation, which is manifested in the blue pants and a blue jacket. Showing no working engine Dmitry refused to ride the request, apparently because it is no such protection, and it can be dangerous.

Extraterrestrial civilization uses its own language to compile the component syllables of the words of the Russian language, sai, and more solverkar otelstan or hotelstan seemingly incomprehensible words with meaning, and if you think about it reveal its meaning …

Unfamiliar words "sai", "solverkar", "otelstan" what they mean and how they translate? DI Eremin remembered inner emotions that accompanied the word alien. The words sounded rude and belligerent. Try to look for the word "sai" either separately or in combinations.

"Sai" — a Japanese bladed stabbing cold steel, consists of 3 blades are connected together, and the techniques consist of highly effective strikes — attacks on the enemy. Remember the gist: It consists of three work items used in the pulse.

"Saiga" — inhabitant of dry steppes and semi-deserts, plains, perhaps the most fleet-footed animal. They are very swift and very high jump. Especially remember: they can make a powerful jump a short distance. Now you can divide by 2 the concept of "sai" — jump, the momentum and the "hook" — to overcome a short distance, some part of the whole.

"Saika" — the coolest wheat bread kneading, the dough saechnoe, steep, heavily broken, and kalachnoe liquid, so the good Saeki now almost no bake them unprofitable. Now divide the word and remember the property: "sai" — strongly thickened consistency, and "ka" means a mixture of ingredients.

"Saiva" — the East Siberian srubets on poles in the forest, where nomads keep edible and other supplies. In other words, it's a place where they can be stored "energy reserves" — "sai" and the second half of the word "va" means — are folded together for storage.

Adding the semantic concepts of different words to get the values of extraterrestrial word "Say"-power plant, based on three elements working and working on high-power pulses, which strongly packs and holds the space that creates gravity. The aliens are talking among themselves about the energetic system of the spacecraft. They were going to show Dmitry Eremin, and it seemed to him that "sai" is "rough" because, emotionally, in the syllable "sai" lies a powerful force.

"Solverkar" to try to break the "salt", "ver" and "car". In decoding will help me a good article "Rivers and eyes live in cities," which details understands the value of the word "car". The author tells Alex Artemiev:

"For a common word -" car ". A feeling that it came from the ancient times. Perhaps the word "car" is not just a "city" and a multi-valued root? What if he is much older Udmurt, and goes back to a common parent language? Ample evidence of this are obvious. The first and most important thing is that the syllable "car" is part of many native Russian words, and everywhere has the same meaning.

The meaning of this syllable begins to open in mnogokorennyh the words we used to take for a single. "Car" means — to carry, contain.

For example, the word "korchaga". Previously, it was pronounced as "car-cha-ha" and meant the crock to ferment the beer. As we already enlightened Mikhail Zadornov, "ha" means going to move. According to my intuitions, proven by many Russian words, "cha" is the sap of the plant. Hence the "tea" — a decoction of herbs, anyway — juice extractor, "Chaga" — a mushroom that grows in the damaged areas of the tree where the juice (ca) comes out (ha). In the word "kar-cha-ha" within the meaning of the first syllable fits perfectly. This is a vessel that contains (car) juice (ca) in the fermentation process (ha). Alternatively, where the juice is transferred.

There are also more modern examples. "Coach" — originally a Russian word, it is in fact — the wagon. In my view, should read "Kar-it." That is — is that it comprises (a passenger sits inside, unlike sled) transfers. Undoubtedly, this word came from the British «car» [car] — a car. "Bear" in English, it is — «carry» [Curry]. But the British «carriege» [keridzh] is translated into Russian as "carriage". And carriage mechanics sense movable support, which is inserted into something.

"Car" clearly fell into English from Russian. In Russian — is one of the basic syllables, and in English — no. To give just one example, are set.

Do you know what in Russian ship?

If you write, as you hear, you get a "Kar-abl." With the first syllable here is clear — the ship and contains and transfers. And that the "abl"? This is nothing like a distorted "Oblomov", or shell. From this syllable place of the word "cloud", "burr". But this is the very essence of shipbuilding! Any ship — is a hollow shell of the water displaced by the laws of physics. It is because the iron and do not sink ships, although this metal is much heavier than water. Anything that is not a shell — not the ship, and a raft. "

So remember: the syllable "car" means to carry, contain, and is one of the basic Russian words or the words of VI Dal 'velikoruskago living language. "

The syllable "ver" is found in the words of faith, top, verst, etc. "Faith" — the word in his writings, we deciphered the academician N. Levashov: "For the word FAITH religion has nothing to do. The word faith means to achieve enlightenment by knowledge man be in charge of "ra". Remember the "ve" means — be in charge, to know to achieve, "ra" means the path of "going to the light."

"Mile" — "means a number, the order line, a straight line, the location at attention, a goose. Run a mile away, a direct order, on a string. "Memorize" faiths "- is the order of, in this case a straight line, and the" hundred "- a hundred pieces which then measures the length.

"Top" — "the opposite of the bottom, underside, long, base, base, tip, side, side or part of the subject, addressed to the heavens, above the level (and by how much higher will plummet), tip, top, upper extremity that. The top mirokolitsy our (the atmosphere), higher space, compared with the lowest. The top of the mountain, head, crown, crown, poppyhead; verkhovka. " Remember: "ver" — means the knowledge of the location. In the particular case we are talking about the location relative to the bottom, the base.

So remember the importance of the syllable "beliefs" — a knowledge of the order, location in relation to what is.

The syllable "salt" is not difficult to guess, if you remember about edible salt we eat every day. "Salt" — this means a composite material, in the case of a compound salt of sodium chloride and one crystal.

So "solverkar," combining three syllables together on semantic value we obtain a composition that has a certain position relative to the vessel shell, but here we are talking about the components of the power plant on that part of them are located in a space ship. Which can be observed from above. We are talking about the gravitational engine in which the energy recovery. What are we on and learn from the author:

"There is clearly a thought:" If we are going to show you this and that, you are able to do this? " Dima has expressed interest in the proposal and, in turn, asked, "Why me?" The answer was in the sense that it does not matter, but just — it's time! You say, have the technical knowledge, you — practitioner, and perhaps be able to guess the principles of operation of the engine, which we'll show you. It will need people very soon …. ".

It remains to "Otelstan" or "hotelstan" Perhaps I'll start from the end, analyze the syllable "Stan". This is the basic style of the Russian language, is used very often in the Russian words.

"Stand" — base in the working mechanism in the machine for metal such as "Stan" — a massive part, and "on" means that this massive piece of playground set.

Cossack "Stan" — a parking space, the dislocation of the Cossack troops.

"On-stan-a nd", "stop", "station" — "stopping place travelers, a place where I take fresh post-horses, Siberian machine. vb. stand (and lie down, sit, etc.) in the Slavonic. and on the west. yaeykah in common, and why derivatives are not being taken, often similar. Station house — keeper. "

Remember: "Stan" can mean either the place of installation and a massive part of the gravitational motor ship.

"Hotel" — "wanted" as Dmitry says in the story of the first word "otelstan" it means that he is more confident that he heard his name. "O-Tel" — breaking so we get the "O", which can mean both literally a form of motor carrier in the form of a circle, disk, wrap and within the meaning of most of the ideas mechanism.

The syllable "tor" — found in the Russian language is very often at the beginning of words or within it. At VI Dal word "Tel" means "Well. CPM. the Vologda. Simbi. substance, matter, the body, in the Financials. stamp. all available carnal senses, all real, weight … "

Remember: "tor" — is a material substance, which you can see and touch. Combining all three syllables we get together within the meaning of the word.

"Otelstan" — This material (visible) of the body, most massive part of the ship's engine in the form of a hoop. The aliens are talking about is to show what's inside the engine, its design features. It is always better to see than to hear about the device.

I would add — "gravitational field" is the result of exposure to the primary matter, which sucked in and thickens, the existence of which, in his book "heterogeneous universe" told us NV Levashov ". As the scientists, physically dense matter is only 10% of the mothers of the universe, and the rest mass (90%) are in their opinion, the so-called, «dark matter" (dark matter). They, however, did not specify what it represents, this «dark matter», which does not register any of the devices known to modern science, but forgive them this "minor" absurdity and get down to business.

Free primary matter, which make up 90% of this matter in the universe, continue to fill the space of our universe is in constant motion, and with almost no influence on each other. And if the solid matter is physically present in the universe precise proportions relative to each other, in their free movement on the remaining open spaces of the universe, they do not create hard proportional relation between them. And, although anywhere in the universe, and there are all seven primary matters, their proportional relationship between a change in a very wide range … "

Thus, we can conclude that an unknown alien civilization on his ship with the installation of the gravity investigate not only the near space, but also the long-range, arriving to help us, while talking to each other in the language in which the constituent syllables used very common words in Russian language. Their language is so similar to the Russian that even resembles the meaning, only the order of the syllables in a word, but that does not prevent understand blotted said Russian man. This means that our native Russian language is spoken in the universe and has a history of over tens or even hundreds of thousands of years.

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