S-400 system can accelerate the implementation of the program X-47B — AMERICAN EXPERT

S-400 system can accelerate the implementation of the program X-47B - AMERICAN EXPERT
Acquisition of China Russian S-400 with a range engage aerial targets up to 400 km will allow Beijing to absolutely keep under control the air space over Taiwan, writes Defense News May 25. Currently, the Chinese HQ-9 air defense missile systems S-300 and capable of firing at targets just barely over the coastline north-western tip of the island.
Last year, Russian bureaucrats confirmed that negotiations with China for the supply of S-400, says researcher Capital Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies (CAST) Vasily Kashin.
China specializing in military spec Institute «Project 2049» (Project 2049 Institute) Ian Easton (Ian Easton) states that China planned purchase of new Russian air defense systems to Taiwan prompted by the fact that this country is no longer insisting on the purchase of new fighter fourth generation substitution for F-16, and by 2023 reaches delivery of F-35 fighter fifth generation. If the United States refuses to sell them these aircraft, the only candidate for Taiwan will be a sharp increase in the production of cruise missiles and deploying a large number of ballistic missiles and the purchase of new EW systems, said the expert.
«The deployment of S-300PMU2 China’s own coast is a source of great danger for Taiwanese fighter, and with the commissioning of S-400, this situation becomes critical,» according to the last member of the State Security Council of Taiwan Chen York (York Chen). In his view, if China integrates C-400 for joint action with their fighters and sea-based, Beijing can come to the conclusion that will be completely under the control of air to keep the place of Taiwan and Taiwan’s air force to neutralize resistance, and thus prevent makarom South American military intervention. Taiwan need to accelerate negotiations for the purchase of high-speed anti-radar missiles AGM-88 to equip the F-16 fighters, says the expert.
S-400 deliveries to China may start in 2017, but there are no official documents or memorandum of understanding on the issue, said Cashin. It is also unclear how many of the S-400 plans to buy China. According to a professional manufacturer of this instrument «Almaz-Antey» loaded with orders from the Ministry of Defence and some zabugornyh customers.
S-400 is a danger not only for Taiwan, and India, land of the rising sun and the United States. These complexes provide China the ability to intercept ballistic missiles, what he lacked, says Easton. For this reason, the delivery of these systems to Beijing could trigger a new round of arms race with India, which relies on ballistic missiles to deter China. C-400 also will allow China to control the air space over the Japanese Senkaku Islands, which China considers the object of its own sovereignty. For the U.S., the S-400 system is not as unsafe because fighters F-22 and F-35 can fight them, but they can be dangerous activities Air Force Base in Okinawa.
In a broader perspective, the development of air defense systems will intensively promote the development of drones, Eaton said, noting first off May 14 from the deck of an aircraft carrier CVN-77 George HW Bush layout shock UAV X-47B.
«Why send manned combat aircraft in the area where the threat is so superior that even elite pilots would react to such operations as» one-way flight »(one-way trips — letters. One-way trip — approx.» VP «) ? Why spend money on it, reduce the duration of the flight and combat load when you can send on a mission aircraft in the semi mode (possibly refers to the introduction of fighters in an optional mode to defeat air defense assets — approx. «VP») and manage them remotely while achieving all this even greater effect? ​​»wonders Easton.

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