Sannikov: Courts for the area — a manifestation of the power of fear of the inevitable changes

Today in the trial of Andrei Sannikov, Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Theodore and Vladimir Eremenko Mirzayanavym a debate parties, the defendants acted with the last word. The prosecutor demanded Sannikov 7 years in a maximum security prison, Eremenko, Vasilevich, Mirzayanavu — 3 years Hnedchyk — 4 years. The verdict will be announced on May 14 at 16 hours.

Prosecutor Anton Zagarodki did not move an inch from the previous charges the defendants. Even the sensational testimony of Peter handful that after the dissolution of the Independence Square was clean, free of various bottles, axes, cans and an ice ax, and the fact that Mr. Kuchko even showed pictures, not shaken by the prosecutor. The prosecutor asked the court to disregard the testimony because of their differences. However, the lawyers during the process found numerous inconsistencies in the testimony of Special Forces soldiers and even three minutes of viewing the scene, the prosecutor did not notice. He said that all of the defendants guilty of rioting, and Andrei Sannikov — and in their organization, and demanded Sannikov 7 years of imprisonment in a maximum security prison for Eremenko, Vasiljevic, Mirzayanava — 3 years (this is the minimum for their article) for Hnedchyk, who already had a criminal record — 4 years imprisonment.

Performances lawyers have left no stone unturned in the allegations of the prosecutor. With one voice lawyers said in court was not communicated the fact of the riots. Sannikov's lawyer Andrew Varvashevich the points voiced provisions of the Criminal Code, "Riots" and argued proved that they do not fit the occasion. Lawyer Mirzayanava Alexander Galiyev said the violence on December 19 really was, but it was the violence of the Special Forces, which is rigidly and unreasonably beat defenseless demonstrators. "The future of any country is not for helmets and batons, as it is for people like Fedor Mirzayanav" — said Galiyev and urged the court to release his client.

In the final statement of the accused did not hear a word of remorse that they came to the area, they asked the court to only one thing — justice. The defendants themselves accusing the authorities of lawlessness, abuse, violence. Vladimir Eremenok said that for 16 years in Belarus dominated by one man, destroyed the language, there is no freedom of speech. That's why he went to the area and did not regret it. "Any regime will end some day, including Belarus. Long live Belarus! . " His speech was greeted with applause in the hall.

Applauded and the last word Andrei Sannikov:

"I know that my family and all the people in Belarus will be happy when it's freedom! Long live Belarus! . "

People"Long live!".

Andrei Sannikov made a genuine political speech, thanked all those who worked in his election team, who voted for him, thanked those who were forced to testify against him, but they refused and ended up in court cage with him. Harassment participants Square Sannikov called a manifestation of fear the current government before the inevitable change, personally torn revenge for the fact that he was Lukashenko competition.

I was and still am a strong supporter of open and actions to change the existing regime in Belarus. But there was and still am a supporter of absolute non-violence.

"I was and still am a strong supporter of open and actions to change the existing regime in Belarus. But there was and still am a supporter of absolute non-violence. I believe that everything that happens — it's well thought-scale operation of power. Everything, starting from December 19 to the present day. "

Sannikov said he went through torture, humiliation and threats, and knows that he will again have to go through the test. However, he does not have feelings of hatred and revenge.

All 10 days of the trial Sannikov came to the hall of his mother Alla. After his last words she said, "Freedom", which boasts a son:

"I am proud that he stood ready to bear everything and more in the name of his Belarus, so you can be proud that a son has brought up."

The process itself is called absurd:

"This is a crime of the century. I am very grateful to the lawyers who broke all the arguments of the prosecution and Andrew, and these boys. I believe that there is not a judge and a prosecutor decide, and solve this, our supreme chief. "

At the trial of Sannikov from Grodno came his cousin Michal Kosciuszko, invalid of the first group:

"And very glad I came, now I can sleep peacefully. I know that my brother is a real man who will not betray the business. I believe he will win. I am glad that we have such people and the country has finally begun to wake up. "

Politician Lavon Barshcheuski convinced that those people who are put in the dock for the area, were kept very worthy:

"It is particularly struck by the last words of the defendants. And it's encouraging that the system should eventually stall. "


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