Sannikov witnessed torture in KGB jail

Guerrilla Minsk district court concluded the investigation in the case against Andrei Sannikov, Ilya Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Theodore and Vladimir Mirzayanava Eremenko. The judge adjourned until May 13, and told the parties to prepare for the debate. Today in court Andrei Sannikov, made a statement on torture in the KGB detention center.

Andrei Sannikov, made a statement that his evidence gathered during interrogations not completely true. This is due to the fact that torture was used against him in a KGB prison, psychological and physical pressure. For example, he said that immediately with his injured leg was placed in a cell where there was no room, and he slept under the bunks. There were streamers and daily personal inspection, when turned away from the camera with all things, including the mattress:

"Driven by a fairly steep stairs. From the early days in the KGB jail were people in masks who are well prepared for dealing with us, political prisoners. Which showed aggression and brutality on detainees. After the procedure, a personal search you chase down while shaking sticks around, which is located nearby, on the walls and stairs to all trembled. Leading to the basement, in a large room, stripped naked, tied near the wall stretching. In a cold room can hold quite a while. Then make squat. Every time I paid attention to what I have injured leg. It was not working. Then allow to get dressed. The entire procedure takes place in the presence of at least three people in masks banging on walls and screaming inhuman voice. "

Masked men allowed themselves to shocks in the back with batons. Sannikov said that in prison he constantly led in handcuffs, even for short distances. Answering the question of the judge Sannikov said that he wrote about it head the KGB detention center, but got over it — say, the head of prison writing dangerous. He said that all this could to survive, but when he faced charges, he learned that the camera is close to his wife Irina Khalip and that his son wants to steal through the guardianship. He told me that he had a forced conversation with the chairman of the KGB Zaitsev, who threatened the lives and health of his wife and son:

"When I refused to confirm the lie that I was offered, when refusing to write any petition, Zaitsev told me just so that then your wife and son will apply more stringent measures.

Zaitsev said to me just so that then your wife and son will apply more stringent measures.

Of course, I was taken aback by this, because the person who is in such a post, and considers himself an officer may not sound like a crime boss. I took it is very seriously. "

Sannikov said he then began to work with him opervpavnavazhany Fetisov. Prior to the first interrogation was told how and what topics it should illuminate. Opervpavnavazhany came to the investigator's office to make sure that there will be "necessary evidence." He said that he was not feeling well at all interrogations. During all interrogations were denied the right to a defense, the whole month was not possible to send letters to relatives, he was disconnected from the media. But, he said Sannikov, prisoners showed anti-Semitic film "Russia with a knife in his back."

Lawyer Andrew Varvashevich said a statement on torture Sannikov unlikely will be great importance to the case:

"Sannikov did not plan to talk about it, it's not in his nature. He had this to say in response to what was an attempt to voice his testimony at the preliminary investigation. And to explain why those statements do not exactly coincide with what he says now. That was his explanation, that is, it was not a complaint, but a necessary response to the questions. "

During the trial, Andrei Sannikov again complained of poor health, urged the court to humanity and asked to take breaks. However, the court rejected the petition.

Today, the influential international human rights organization Amnesty International will send a letter to governments, international organizations and human rights defenders to pay attention to the torture faced by Andrei Sannikov. About this site reported sister Irina Bogdanova policy. Today, at a meeting with the leadership of the organization's London office dealt with the lack of medical care during the trial, but made Andrei Sannikov allegation of torture in the KGB detention center and threats against his wife and son was a shock. In Amnesty International was assured that will make every effort that the information on torture immediately came to the world.


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