Satellite intelligence «Liana» score in 2013

Satellite intelligence

Brand new system will change the Soviet system targeting «Legend»

In 2013, the Federal Space Agency and the Defense Ministry have finished the creation of a new Russian orbiting satellite intelligence «Liana». It will consist of four new radar reconnaissance satellites, which will be based on the height of about one thousand miles above the surface of the planet and constantly explore land, air and sea space for the presence of the enemy objects.

— Four satellite «Liana» — two «Peony» and two «Lotus» — will be in real time to detect enemy targets — planes, ships, cars. The coordinates of these goals will be passed to the command post, where it will form a virtual card real time. In case of war on these objects will be applied precision strikes, — explained the principle of the act of the General Staff representative.

Likewise, the system and a South American running satellite reconnaissance, which consists of satellites about 100 KH-11 and KH-12, working in an orbit about 20 years.

Development of Russian system first began the 1990s, but due to funding feeble first satellite was launched in November 2009.

But he had a whole bunch of bugs, because of this program from the orbiting satellites others moved to a later date.

— First satellite «Lotus-S» index 14F138 had a number of shortcomings. After launching into orbit revealed that it does not work nearly half-board systems. Because we claimed from the developers to bring the equipment up to the mind, — said the representative of cosmic forces that are currently included in the aerospace defense.

In one of the companies involved in the development of the «Lotus», «Izvestia» explained that all defects have been associated with satellite flaws in the software companion.

— Our programmers absolutely redesigned software package and have to reflash first «Lotus». At the moment, it claims to have no military — said «Izvestia».

According to him, two more satellites for the system «Liana» will be launched into orbit before the end of 2013 — a «Lotus-C» 14F145, which will intercept data transfer, including negotiating opponent (electronic reconnaissance), and promising radar reconnaissance satellite «Pion-NCC» 14F139, which will be able to detect an object the size of a passenger car on at least some of the surface.

Development of «Peony» will be completed in late 2013 — into orbit. But «Liana» fails to start work without it. Prior to 2015, «Liana» include next «Peony», such makarom size grouping system will expand to 4 satellites.

After the release of the payment mode «Liana» one hundred percent will change the old system of «Legend» — «Virgin Lands», dates back to the time of Russian, which has been working in 2008 due to production resources satellites.

According to the views of the browser profile publication «News of Cosmonautics» Igor Lisov, «Liana» in a couple of times to increment the ability of the Armed Forces to detect and defeat enemy targets.

— After the decommissioning of «Legends» at the Ministry of Defense have great demand in the media surveillance and target acquisition. At the moment, «Liana» will be able to satisfy her. «Legend» was created for narrow tasks — tracking South American warships, namely aircraft carriers. Its radar can detect objects length of several 10’s of meters. «Liana» also addresses a wider range of tasks and can detect small targets — explained Igor Lisov.

In the current time, according to publisher Jane, Russian orbital group consists of 6 of cosmic vehicles (SV) radar reconnaissance (2 — and 4 11F688 — 17F688), 6 SC ELINT «Celina» and about 3 x 10-s and photo-reconnaissance satellites electro-optical reconnaissance system «Araks».

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