Saved by the Light

November 1, 2012 6:04

Every day in the world dies a lot of people, and only a few are to experience a state of clinical death and return to life. But to get a unique gift of foresight in an accident is given one in a million. This is precisely the fate of American Denniona Brinkley.

God's artillery

September 17, 1975 over the city of Aiken, South Carolina, USA, raging storm. A young 25-year old man was afraid Dennion Brinkley elements such antics more than anything else. As a child, at night, when the summer thunderstorms rumbled and lightning lit up the room a bright, great-grandfather used to tell scary stories to her grandson how to humans and animals gets a bolt of lightning. Grandfather called these attacks "God's artillery", "Remember, if you call on the phone Lord, you turn into a burning bush." Maybe Grandpa just joking, but violent children's imagination has done its job, and the fear of dying from lightning was Denniona phobia. And it has long been recognized with us will be what we are most afraid of. According to the law of meanness in the day its worst. "When the rain poured outside, I ended the conversation with a business partner.

— Tommy, I have to go. Mom always say that I did not talk on the phone during a thunderstorm.

She said knowingly. The next sound I heard was like a freight train, are entering into my ear at light speed. Electricity pierced every cell of my body. Nails in my shoes loosely clinging to the nails in the floorboards, so when I was thrown into the air, the shoes were on the floor. I saw the ceiling right before his eyes and he could not imagine what such a force can cause great pain and keep me in a vice, dangling in the air above his own bed. It happened in a split second, and I thought that was an hour. "

In fact, a bolt of lightning hit the phone line, and the tube exploded in the hands of Brinkley. The young man was a strong discharge current. All that has happened to him now, if he had seen from the side.


Dennionu lucky — he was in the house alone. Hearing the noise from the next room, his wife Sandy immediately rushed. And froze in horror! Her husband was on the floor without moving. Sandy pulled herself together and rushed to her husband CPR. This helped Dennion felt his soul returns to the body. After ten minutes in the house there was Tommy. Comrade had served in the Navy, and he knew how to give first aid. He wrapped himself in Denniona come in a blanket and told Sandy cause "fast". Medical workers arrived quickly. The victim was put on a stretcher and carried to the "ambulance." Dennion remembers the rain lashed down his face. In the "ambulance" on the way to hospital in Brinkley's heart stopped. The driver was driving "fast" to the hospital best. Doctors and nurses are met at the door of the car was taken to the hospital and the patient in intensive care. And while doctors tried to breathe life into the lifeless body, the patient traveled to other worlds.

Crystal City

Denniona soul flew down the tunnel, where she was met by an angel, and transmitted to the Crystal City. Brinkley saw the "Temple of Knowledge" and received thirteen visions contained in the so-called "boxes." Angel allowed him to see 117 pictures of the future. In the words of Brinkley, 95 visions have come true.

In the first box Dennion seeing the impact of the war in Southeast Asia, namely in Vietnam. Returning from the war, American soldiers were completely demoralized. Later this generation of Americans called "lost": many of them are not able to return to normal life, their destiny became a gathering hippies, drugs and alcohol. The war has created in society decadent mood, people lost faith in God, have turned away from the church, turned their attention to the sects.

In the second box Brinkley saw the country "fit into monstrous debt. This is depicted in the form of a room where the money is disappearing much faster than the act. " In the third box Dennion saw print U.S. president with the initials "R. R.. " He thought, if this "R. R. "as a cowboy rides and shoots the" bad guys. " Brinkley guessed that the next president — is a Hollywood actor with the initials "R. R.. " A few months after recovery when Dennion described his vision of the famous psychiatrist Raymond Moody, author of the acclaimed book "Life After Death", he suggested that in the Crystal City he seemed to Robert Redford. But he was wrong — it found a former actor Ronald Reagan. Moody later at each meeting with Brinkley with a laugh reminded him of his mistake. But after the initials really were true!

Fearful prophecy

In the fourth and fifth boxes Dennion saw scenes of bloodshed and strife in the Middle East. He understood it this way: between Israel and the surrounding Arab countries will never be peace, in fact, the region is planned to many wars. In the end, Israel will be isolated, on all sides will be surrounded by hostile states. Focus of conflict — Jerusalem itself, or rather, the fight for the disputed territory. Unfortunately, life confirms this vision Brinkley.

The sixth box turned the horror on Denniona. In the middle of a wooded area on the banks of the river he saw a massive and grim structure of cement. It was overcome some inexplicable fear. Suddenly the earth trembled, and the building blew up. Brinkley knew — a nuclear explosion. A voice told him to just two words: "1986" and "Wormwood." Years later, when a nuclear reactor exploded at Chernobyl, Dennion understood the meaning of the vision. But then he had no idea that this event will be the beginning collapse of the vast country — the USSR. And in September 1975, long before the tragedy, he saw a black cloud covers a huge area, and the people ran in panic to safety. The seventh case was entirely about the scene of destruction and disaster. Dennion affected areas seen and heard the excited voice of the announcer calling for the protection of the environment. Later, the "speaker" was headed by a new country — Russia. His rise was on the eve of the new millennium.

In other boxes paintings depicting the future of Russia, does not inspire optimism. In the country was invaded by the Chinese, seized the railroads, oil fields in Siberia, and divided the country into two parts.

However, the outlook for the rest of the world, too, was pretty grim: the planet expects a third world war and grand natural disaster. Brinkley saw a scene of chaos and destruction. One painting struck him to the core, "an army of women in black robes and veils, marching in a European city."

Life after death

Dennion Brinkley stayed in Crystal City just 28 minutes. The doctors brought him back to life, but the recovery process took several months. Six days the patient was paralyzed, unable to move or feed themselves, shedding 30 pounds. He recovered completely after two years, but fate would send him a new trial. In 1989, Brinkley underwent open heart surgery. In 1997, while flying in an airplane, he suffered an attack of brain aneurysm. There was a new operation. Brinkley was hanging in the balance of death and recovery, has written a book of revelations "Saved by the light" and devoted himself to the care of seriously ill people. He is working in hospices, organizes recruitment of volunteers, is very active.

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