Scientists have found evidence that the hypnotic trance is real

December 19, 2011 17:08

Many people are skeptical about hypnosis, believing it — a pseudo-scientific phenomenon based on some combination of relaxation / visualization / power of suggestion, etc.

However, a group of Scandinavian researchers claims to have gotten evidence that hypnotic trance is the real and unique state of consciousness that can not be faked or syimitirovano nezagipnotizirovannym man, and that (at least some) hypnotists can activate and deactivate at will, using only word-anchor. So be careful with hypnotists. Here is what this blog NanoPatenty and Innovation:

A multidisciplinary group of researchers from Finland and Sweden found that strange look hypnotized people can be the key to resolving this long-running dispute about the existence of the state of hypnosis.

One of the most well-known signs of hypnosis in the public mind are glazed, wide-open eyes. Paradoxically, this feature was never considered anything important, never not been studied closely, perhaps due to the fact that it occurs in only a small number of hypnotized.

This study was conducted with the participation of vysokogipabelnogo man who could be hypnotized, and returned to normal with a single code word. Thus, the change between hypnotic and normal condition could occur in just a few seconds.

The researchers used a technique of tracking eye movements with high resolution, and demonstrated the studied range of carefully selected glazomotornyh jobs that provoke an automatic eye reaction. They found that glassy look accompanied by objectively measurable changes in automatic reactions of eyes that can not be imitated nezagipnotizirovannym man.

In the field of hypnosis, this result means that hypnosis is no longer considered a mental visualization, which occurs in a totally normal waking state of consciousness. On the other hand, the same result could have a major impact on the physiology and cognitive neyroissledovaniya, because it is actually the first evidence of the existence of the state of human consciousness, which have never before been confirmed scientifically.

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