Scientists have made the experience with the release of the body

July 26, 2012 13:09

Scientists have made the experience with the release of the body

All people are familiar feeling: this is it, my body, firmly connected with my own physical sensations of "I". Sometimes, however, the body can "break away" from himself, but the cause of brain disorders are caused by the effects of stroke, seizures, or the use of potent drugs preparatov.Vprochem through experiments with the use of special equipment, according to the online edition of NewScientist, scientists have previously unattainable — detachment "I" from the body of man and for being outside of it without these painful conditions.

As the experimenter eluded human feelings? First of all, you need laboratoriya.Dva years ago, in 2007, two research groups independently managed to reach the goal — to get completely healthy and adequate volunteers to experience the feeling that they are like a outside his home tela.Dlya, participants of one of the experiments under Olaf forms of Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne, showed their own video from an unusual angle with simultaneous simulation of massage.

Volunteers lined up about two meters in front of the camera while wearing on their eye glasses passed special three-dimensional, like holographic, videoizobrazheniya.Takim, the subjects were able to contemplate in one form or another own back. When the researchers touched the spin test, those a strange feeling that they really are inside the virtual body, which they see in front of you.

They also experienced "proprioceptive movement" towards the virtual body: they thought that they are enclosed in a shell of its virtual "me." When participants experience after blanking feature diverted slightly back and then asked to return to the original position, many of them went further than where they are believed to be their virtual "me." Last year, the group forms announced that she was able to instill a sense of an out of body levitation volunteers, but in the prone position.

However, as it recognizes the team leader, totally get the desired effect was not possible: alas, the participants in the experiment had a feeling "as if", but scientists continue to purposeful movement to set tseli.Esche one group of researchers under the same experimental conditions, seated volunteers, while the camcorder shooting a szadi.Eksperimentator became side, stroking the chest of the subject and the space in front of a video camera.

Participants saw their own experience back, touch and feel while watching someone passes his hand behind them. The result was a unique illusion that they are outside their own tel.Bolee, the researchers decided to enhance the experiment. Instead of the usual hand waving in the designated space, they used a hammer. By strengthening the conditions of the experiment the volunteers noted the emergence of a significant stress response.

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