Scientists have recreated the ideal diet for the heart

Let's fast forward for a moment on the Mediterranean coast … Gentle sun, the warm breeze, emerald transparent surface of the water … Not surprisingly, the Greeks, Italians, Cypriots and people from other Mediterranean countries look great and often smiling. But it's not just the sunny climate and fresh air. Foods that are eaten in these areas, in addition to being tasty, yet very useful.

According to research the past fifty years, scientists have found that the adherents of Mediterranean cuisine in an average of 30% less likely to experience depression, stress and worry, most importantly, one-third less likely to suffer from heart disease!

The fact is that the Mediterranean diet are the main marine fish and seafood. As you know, the fish — the main source of valuable omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. It polyunsaturated fatty acids are able to maintain normal blood cholesterol, protect blood vessels from atherosclerotic deposits, prevent cardiovascular diseases, such as ischemia, infarction.

Should I then say that Russia is a world leader in cardiovascular disease? The Russian people not only are not spoiled by the warm sun and fresh air, but prefer to replace fish in the diet of meat or poultry. Meanwhile, joyless statistical situation can improve only 250-300 grams of tuna, or, say, oysters a day. Unusually? Probably. However, substitute the required number of good fish easy, you just have to take extra facilities, which are an additional source of omega-3 fatty acids. Thus, you will save, and our own eating habits and maintain vital body substances.

Provide the body with omega-3 fatty acids and significantly reduce the risk of cardio-vascular system can help a modern facility Atlantinol.

The prototype is the very Atlantinola Mediterranean diet, more precisely, its nutrients, concentrated and perfectly balanced. Now the Russian people in the native latitudes, may be as heart healthy as living nasredizemnomorskom coast.


Atlantitnola just two capsules a day can provide the body with optimal amounts of omega-3 fatty acids

Atlantinol contains only highly purified fish substance, there is no mercury that accumulates naturally in fish!

Atlantinol founded on the principle of a minimum fat — a maximum concentration of nutrients, so it is indicated for people who are concerned about their weight.

Atlantinol designed for those who want to stay healthy for many years and with a light heart to go through life!


BAD. Not a drug.

Before use, consult an expert.

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