Scientists make humans immortal by electronic copies

April 4, 2012 22:38

Each person may receive a digital copy.

Of the brain is many times the technique

Of the brain is many times the technique

All the information about a person can be saved on your computer and transfer descendants. Back in 2000, the research division of Microsoft vypustilj article describing the possibility of creating a digital copy of the person writes "Today." It came to a problem like this: instead of experimenting with the digitization of the human brain, you can save as much information about a person's life and give it to the descendants.

On digital media can record all e-mail, phone calls, and all he hears, sees and says the man. Weaknesses in this idea clear. First, you need an impressive amount of hard disk drives (per day — about 16 gigabytes, for 10 years — 60 terabytes). Second, to his body to attach and carry a video camera, which must be constantly recharged. Suppose day so you can survive. A year? Third, much of this information is not important or interesting. As you can see, the possibilities of biological brain is many times higher than technique. And it will be a very long time.

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