Scientists: Seismic activity in Siberia in the next few years will increase

Seismic activity in Siberia in the next few years will increaseIncrease in seismic activity is expected in the next two years in Siberia and Yakutia, but high magnitude earthquakes are expected, according to RIA Novosti on Thursday, Director of the Geophysical Service of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Seleznev.

"Indeed, in the last two years in Siberia observed seismic calm. Seismic energy at this time is allocated a little, and since on the average, this value is quite constant, in the next year or two, we should expect increased activity and, therefore, the frequency of earthquakes should increase, "- said the scientist.

"The first earthquake, which show increasing activity has already occurred — the earthquake near the power plant (February this year), and the recent fairly strong earthquake in the east of the Baikal Rift Zone," — said Seleznev.

According to him, the Siberians should not be afraid of high magnitude earthquakes, variations will occur "around the long-term average values" in the usual areas of seismic activity — Yakutia, Baikal, Altai.

Seleznev noted that scientists now believe the most earthquake-prone regions in the Kemerovo region of Siberia.

"In the Kuzbass in 1903 and 1998, there were two strong earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5-6 and shaking 7-8 points. This is the area of Novokuznetsk. If there had been an earthquake, it is clear that they will be repeated," — said the scientist.

According Selezneva in Kuzbass houses built before 1985, must be strengthened. Risk increases and due to the high population density.

In Novosibirsk, the scientists say earthquakes can be expected, the buildings do not have to suffer as well.

"In seismic zoning map are possible such an earthquake, shaking will lead to six points. Only with seven points begin to crumble tall chimneys enterprises, CHP and so on," — he said.

Seleznev also said that scientists have conducted research on the seysmozaschischennosti Novosibirsk HPP construction and found it to be reliable. At the station in the near future it is planned to establish a special monitoring system that would control all the processes in real time.

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