Scientists were able to prove the existence of Bigfoot Kuzbass

October 29, 2012 19:53

As many as three independent research laboratory in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the University of Idaho have analyzed DNA of a previously unknown wool found in Kemerovo region, showing that the biological samples does not belong to any man or primates. Scientists claim that hair can really belong "yeti".

Snowman. Shooting Roger Putters, gorge Kirk, Northern California, 1967god.

Sc.D., Professor Valentin Sapunov said wool, found in the Kuzbass, identical in their DNA samples with those found near St. Petersburg, in the U.S.. In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda professor said that "in terms of DNA-creature (Yeti) is different from Homo sapiens to within 1%. A DNA closest to human relatives — chimpanzees differs from the human DNA is more than 1%. "

As noted, in October 2011, in search of "Bigfoot" in Kemerovo was thrown Russian-American expedition, which found traces place rookeries and a few gray hairs unknown creature. These materials were the subject of study experts, reports

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