Secrets of healing. Self moonlight

January 3, 2012 7:07


THUGOplazmoy own self or "moonlight" (method of the author)
Self "moonlight" — quite a workable thing. Having your own experience on this completely new type of treatment THUGOplazmoy, we note that it is certainly not a panacea for all diseases only, but still a great help for many, many diseases.
Many diseases is due to an imbalance of energy. This is usually a failure rate, congestion and just wrong for the body's energy.
When self-medication have to rely on their own strength and untouchable body reserves, as well as the energy that comes to us in the process of breathing — THUGOplazmu.

Self-medication by reallocating its THUGOplazmy does not require any special talents and innate abilities and is available to almost everyone. Reallocate its THUGOplazmu for medicinal purposes can anyone slightly familiar with the anatomy.
Those who do not have medical help available funds can successfully use this new method. This method of self-medication "moonlight" is based on the amazing work of the cells in the lungs.
Each cell can be easily compared to "mini power stations", whose operation is very simple. When inhaling a chemical reaction occurs, and the result is a microscopic portion THUGOplazmy, with breath-holding not only increases energy capacity, but also helps the body to increase blood levels of carbon dioxide, which in turn acts sosudorasshiryayusche.

And now about how to apply plasma obtained "mini power stations" with every breath by breath. In order to gain more "moonlight", should during breathing when inhaling mentally repeat the word "TCA", as you exhale — "GO". "TCA" in the language of Atlantis means "moon", "GO" — "for", "light."

As a priestess named Kia one of the island, called Zen, the author is well learned this method — self THUGOplazmoy. Atlanteans themselves called themselves the lunar race.
Discover the secret connection to the quite extraordinary egregore lunar race. It has a circular shape and is located around the Earth, directly around the Earth's equator at an altitude of 6 km, and its width is 2 km.
To connect to this ancient egregore must say aloud six times mantra THUG. It should be pronounced at any time from 12.00 to 24.00. This results in a binding "river" with you.
If you want to use this energy in the treatment of mental disorders, nervous disorders, swelling of the kidneys, pancreas, perforation of the stomach, small bowel disease, ears, throat, to mentally, gaining power through the mouth, saying "THUG," and when you exhale the word " GO "to add the word" EL ", resulting in a ball" moonlight "with a diameter of about 2 cm per session typically lasts 15 breaths, do better in the afternoon, after lunch at any time from 12.00 to 24.00.
Healing moon ball kept 12 hours, after which the effect must be made again. To enhance the effect of the impact of the mantra to be expressed more often, especially in diseases mentioned above.

Very often the case that when a man is alone with a sharp pain — whether hepatic or renal colic, radikulitny backache, heart attack, headache, and more.
So, the first thing to do is to sit down, if there is a chair or bench. In some cases — when a sharp pain in the liver, spleen and other organs — it is better to lie down. In general, depending on the severity of illness.
Adopting a comfortable position, do calm as possible, take a deep breath to breath (consider myself to 6-11), and after that — a long exhalation, speculative imagining that in light fog formed. For this purpose, you must include all their imagination and vividly imagine this portion of the plasma, mentally repeating to himself the word "THUG". Then send it to the expiration (saying "EL") in the right place, and, imagining the mist hanging over the tops of both lungs, should send him to a place where there were cramping, discomfort, pain, slagging, in general, to the part of the body is causing the imbalance.
Energoplazmy conduct must take place during the exhalation by the shortest path. Plasma does not come only in the event that the person will not be speculative move fog light to your destination. If it does not comply, then a portion of the plasma, which is in a fog, will immediately "caught" pulmonary focal point for the nervous system, and is distributed throughout the body evenly.
Impact THUGOplazmy being sent to the site of localization of painful area, you will feel in a few minutes: significantly reduced, and in some cases stop the pain, heaviness, discomfort. During this procedure, there is almost always a pleasant feeling of warmth or tingling weak.
About the duration and power of the conscious distribution THUGO plasma generated by your lungs, each individually decide, according to the situation and surroundings.

Analyzing and summarizing the experience, I can recommend the following: duration of exposure THUGOplazmoy should be from five to eight minutes, with pains in the stomach, kidneys, and liver. Then the session can be repeated in two hours if the initial impact did not produce the desired result.
Neuralgia, paralysis of different character length of exposure varies THUGOplazmoy is from 9 to 12 minutes, with a strong paralysis can be reduced to 40 minutes (three times a day).
With pain in my heart THUGOplazmoy duration of exposure to eight minutes. If the pain came in the morning, the session is immediately before bedtime. If the evening had an attack, charging THUGOplazmoy done in the morning.
Chronic diseases of the final effect of the plasma is better to coincide with the most sleep, sleep better with the idea of self-treatment initiated.
Why going to sleep? My answer: when the soul condensed asleep, it captures only a single desired thought, with all the subconscious has to work on the practical implementation of this idea. In addition, work is different from the subconscious mind of its automaticity.
After some practice, you will learn how to keep a mental idea of "how the mist to the target, you can expect delivery THUGOplazmy repetition, but it automatically (ie a person is asleep, and the treatment is in the dream itself).

THUGOplazmoy treatment has proven effective where conventional medical facilities were not very effective, especially since it takes much less time than with other procedures and exercises.
So, focus on the perform the operation, inclusion and mobilization of imagination to present fog and regular exposure — is all that is required to treat THUGOplazmoy or "moonlight" (ie, when you present fog, then in fact formed the moon light). Send mentally THUGOplazmu to where it should produce a healing effect, enough for 5-40 minutes daily. As a result, you can completely forget about the aching pain and many other diseases.
The above method of treatment I THUGOplazmoy — is SuperDuper self available to everyone, it's peculiar use of hidden features of our body. To access this method, the author had to listen to the "voice of silence", resulting in treatment and was born "moonlight."

In conclusion: to achieve immortality — a very real thing, but you must reach a state of transformation of bodies and swap first oxygen and nitrogen atoms, and then to molecular oxygen and hydrogen. This person can be transformed for 2-3 minutes in a cloud right before your eyes, and then, if desired, again in a material body.

Besides self THUGOplazmoy your health can significantly enhance contemplation paper orange (Orange). This color can kill many viruses by radiation emanating from it.
During prolonged fasting, he served excellent food for many saints. Yoga, a heaven and saints were also worn, and were moved in orange robes. Sometimes these clothes look like the color of the rainbow with a predominance of orange.
There was also an old Russian tradition — close the little window in the house and the cradle babies (measles) red or orange curtain.
Many initiates who developed higher body, capable, just looking at the paper orange, fully recharged and filled GABHAR a higher body, which is located in the sacrum. It complements the orange wave length, the size of a poppy seed, green in color, the shape of a duck. There are 15% of people. For this, they need to look at the color orange for 20 minutes a day, morning and evening do.edy from a distance of 1.5-2 m Replaces food by 70%.
Good wrap a jar of water with paper orange. After she could stand 30 minutes, wash with this water and make the bath. Thus treated many skin and fungal diseases.
And with orange towel, rubbing and rubbing them, you contribute to the production of white blood cells ("cell eaters").
The orange color is the color purifying sweat glands (a day is enough to look at it for 20 minutes and drink a glass of the "orange" water). This procedure is to perform 15 consecutive days, three days — a break, then — treatment 10 days in a row, a break — six days, then 15 days — treatment and three days — a break. In this mode, continue to cure.
Attention! Such treatment is not acceptable for people born under the sign of Pisces.
Self "moonlight" and orange complement each other in the treatment.

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