Secrets of the Moscow Metro

July 19, 2012 17:52

Moscow Metro, formerly bore the name of Lazar Kaganovich, and then get the name of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, except military, defense and related national security secrets and secrets that should be discussed separately, since the design is associated with a number of mystical secrets …

Secrets of the Moscow Metro

One of the main secrets of the Moscow metro is the so-called "Metro 2" or as it is indicated in official government documents object "D-6."

Governmental system of underground communication, which connects all strategic facilities not only in the city but also far beyond its borders. Tunnels reach the underground city in Ramenki, Pushkin, Fryazino Odintsovo Krasnoznamensk, Vnukovo to Barvikha. All is now in standby mode, the Metro-2 at any time ready to accept all of our main people of the country and provide them with a decent help in solving global issues.

Creatures from the underworld.

Perhaps the clergy were not so wrong. Eyewitnesses and direct participants of all mystical occurrences in the Moscow metro, metropolitan diggers, with full responsibility claim that "underground" lives innumerable creatures of the underworld. Underground extremals repeatedly out of the way, not only the spirits and ghosts, but "hohriki" with "sliders". This was the name of unidentified underground creatures diggers. In addition to creating a mystical, underground teeming with creepy devil incarnate, slightly reminiscent of Representatives terrestrial fauna. It is possible that descended from the platform, and after a few tens of meters, you can examine them in more detail — this white woodlice and centipedes particularly large, fleshy, the size of a saucer, spiders, rats, razdobrevshie underground grub to the average size Shepherd and other such livestock.


Among the workers of the Moscow "underground" there are rumors that after midnight in the tunnels often appears Trackman. And at this ghost has quite earthly prototype. Just ten years ago, a man died, really worked underground crawler tracks. The man was industrious, and in the highest degree, yes. It is possible that after the death of an employee subway can not calm down, continuing to work on the habit, despite his "ghostly" state.

Ancient burial

After such evidence, it is clear why the majority of urban myths and legends associated with the stations is the Moscow metro. Well-known fact is the fact that many of the stations of "underground" located under the cemeteries. It may be, of course, the ancient burial, but negative energy of these places usually stays forever. For example, the station Sokol. Right next to her before a cemetery for soldiers who died in the First World. Support personnel, and provides machinists repeat excitedly about bloody phantoms roaming the platform in the quiet morning hours. By anomalous zones are also Leninka, Arbat, Borovitskaya and Alexander Gardens. This node is once again under the cemetery graves that is regularly since the 16th century.

Train — ghost

We know many urban legends associated with underground facilities, including the subway. Among the urban legends about the Moscow metro, in particular, there are several variants told by the legend of a ghost train, which allegedly was repeatedly seen on the Circle Line. According to one version, the train "gathered desperate to find a way into the world of the living soul died in the construction." Train (Some reports — apparently an older model), according to one version is completely empty, on the other — is filled with haggard-looking man in a gray dress, you can see the cab driver in the form of 1940-50 period. Composition stops at every station, but only occasionally opens doors. Nor enter into a train, or even closer to its open door does not mean those who are trying to do, disappear forever. Sometimes the stories of ghostly subway grows more dire details.

Black driver

Another classic scary story about the subway — the legend of the Black driver. According to this legend, many years ago of an emergency driver burned to save the passengers. Then he died in the hospital, and the management of underground accused him of what had happened. Since then, his ghost walks through the tunnels, and late at night and it can be found at the stations.

Ghosts Aviamotornaya

The most frightening story is connected, perhaps, with an escalator accident at the station Aviamotornaya, which occurred in 1982. Eight people were killed and another 30 injured. The cause of accident was misconfigured emergency brakes and design flaws of the escalator. Despite the fact that all the dead suffocated under the weight of falling bodies on them (on the escalator in the accident were a hundred people), went to Moscow rumors that people are sucked into the moving parts of the mechanism, and cut into pieces. And nearly three decades of bloody tell ghost without arms, that sometimes appear on Aviamotornaya.

A girl in a dress

Is a relatively recent history of the student, which in the evening at the station attached drunken men. According to legend, she was trying to escape from unwanted companions, jumped on the road and disappeared into the tunnel. Since then, sometimes between stations see a thin figure in a bright dress.

Finally, in the internet you can find an incredible amount of nonsense stories about how the subway passengers faced denizens of another time: Muscovites fifties of the XX century, soldiers of the Civil War and World War II, and even metrostroevtsev horse riders.

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