Seen on the street in winter hunchbacked little animal with a long tail

October 17, 2012 7:47

Continuing the search for an unidentified substance, exterminated chickens, ducks, rabbits and other domestic animals in the village Starobin Soligorsk, Minsk region, correspondent met a man who personally saw him some unknown animal.

"It was winter, sometime after the new year — says Piotr Adamowicz. — I was driving to work on the street Korzh was still dark. And the way I ran across some hunchbacked little animals — with a long tail, a length of 60-65 cm car approached, and she ran, the more it did not see. "

The street where the family lives Adamovich, until all is quiet — in the economy, and they have chickens and geese, and turkeys. Loss was observed.

Peter's wife Olga rumors Chupacabra does not deny: "If people are saying — I believe." But no panic about it yet does not feel.

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