Semashko with 3.5 tons of oil is only one bestamozhennoe

The Company said today First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko at the joint session of both chambers of the National Assembly.

Previously, both plants were operating at 100% charge, but now the situation has changed "dramatically". On Semashko, previously out of every three tons of Russian oil two tons were duty-free. And now from only 3.5 tons a ton bestamozhennoe. It is linked to reduction in refinery utilization, If Last year, Belarus has processed 21.5 million tons of crude oil, the This year, perapratsavats15 plan, 8,000,000 tons of oil.

Also Semashko spoke about the situation with the loans. He said China is ready to give Belarus a "very favorable" loans for $ 15 billion.

On Semashko, France gave Belarus a loan of 500 million euros.


Semashko economy

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