Semkov town after seven years

Reporter"Have you heard that the parents of Maxim Bogdanovich married in Semkovo town?"

Mrs."This is heard. We had a brewery and samagonavarnya — Yanka Kupala was working there when the 17 and a half years he was. He's here for the first time alcohol and tasted … "(Laughter.)

Reporter"You've heard of a concentration camp during the German occupation, when children from 7 to 14 years, blood was taken?

Mrs."No, have not heard …"

7 years ago when I first rode the 10 km from Minsk to Semkov town, where in fact only about a hundred houses and one hundred and fifty inhabitants, the last question of the former teacher, Mrs. Ludmila I would not have asked. Although it was "saturated" with information about the village and the internet encyclopedia. But then he has never been written, no one investigated. And now the 62-year-old poet and Ph.D. Ales Storozheva, who spent much time here as a child and a quarter-century in the country, only collecting the material for his book "Minsk land."

Klyshko"During the war in the former landed estate was established concentration camp — there were 200 adolescents between 7 and 14 years who donated blood. And as they are miserable, survived only know the people … "

A few days ago, after the release of this year to the product of Mr. Ales, and I found near the town of Semkovo witness — 73-year-old former director of the school, Mr. Alexander Dovbor.

Dovbor"In the early 30's before the war was a children's home. The Germans arrived — the blood was taken from the children for their injuries. The Germans tortured children — they were starving, went from village to village with a bag that anyone of bread or a piece of potato … "

Poems Ales Klyshko yes memories of the times of German occupation of his sister Ira comprising the "Minsk land", although published in an edition of 700 donations of copies are on a par with the controversial book by Ilya Kopyla "Nyabyshyna. War "and Ivan Danilov" Notes western Belarusian "alternative memories of the guerrilla and the life of Belarusians in the occupied territories. Of particular urgency is attached to the story of the fate of the author who wrote it as "a poem-Memory", "poem-conscience", "poem-nostalgia." The master Ales over a year ago was the last stage of sepsis — blood poisoning from which he miraculously saved herbs friend — a traditional healer.

Klyshko, "To use antibiotics that are incompatible with my body. I was discharged, I was lying with a temperature of 38, lost 15 lbs. My family said goodbye to me. And a gentle hand, I began writing my memoirs of my parents what happened during the occupation, as grieving, starving — without any cuts or editing. Wrote 2 months to leave the truth about those times — especially during the celebration of the 65th anniversary of the Victory … "

Reporter"Mr. Alexander, is different than your truth from the one that is still carried from the stands, official publications?"

Klyshko"You remember the events after the printing of the book Elijah Kopyla in the" People's Will "- pickets, dirty insults. In the myth of the Bolsheviks with banners, orchestras nobody believes. We have to show that the guerrillas burned the village. And when I worked at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War, found evidence of that used in the poem. The Germans did everything hands of the local population. And cruelty, treachery reduce the credibility of the Belarusians that quickly and adapted to this power, find their benefits during the occupation, to settle their accounts — it was a lot of "shootings" denunciations ".

Reporter"In Soviet historiography kampartyynay read — as if all was resisted by" fascist invaders, "the guerrillas if at every step …"

Klyshko"My mother was an editor of the Stalinist Belarusian Radio. Most Belarusian patriots have seen with my own eyes, that on the third day of the war the entire leadership of living on the corner of Karl Marx and Lenin, had gathered in the evacuation. Family Ponomarenko, the first secretary of the Central Committee of the PBC, the lead all the way up to the tubs of flowers. Neither kindergartens were not taken, no school. Stalin asked him out people, so he said — "yes, there were only traitors and those who want to meet Hitler's bread and salt." And the people were left to fend for themselves … "

I ask Ales Klyshko announce some vivid memories yes testimony.

Klyshko"My father was a military broke through the front, and her mother remained in occupation of the three children from 9 months to 11 years. They went to the German landfills and harvested potato peel, his mother used to cook food and soap — about the fat was not the question. Approached the Germans and began to dance. The Germans threw them candy, taking photos. And the picture was terrible due to the lack of firewood. One of the lessons the kids had to go and collect the chips, small pieces of wood. They lived in the attic. When the snow was falling, falling directly on them. We lived with rats that warmed their feet as house cats … "

When the snow was falling, falling directly on them. We lived with rats that warmed their feet as domestic cats.

Apparently, in those days in Klyshkavay mother, Communist, and there was an inner spiritual catharsis, Rethinking Life and imposed Stalinist ideology and morality.

Klyshko"Baby got sick, my 10-month-old brother Mark. By the way, November 42 th baptized the mother of us all that could be done by the Bolsheviks. Formed in infant swelling in the neck and began to choke. Neighbors say — "Let him die in peace." And the mother went on a desperate step — a curfew at night, out on the street, on her knees and raised her arms. Picked up by the Germans, was brought in to the authorities, and … paramedic instructed to go with it. He waved his head, arriving — "it is necessary to do the operation, it is impossible." Then the mother pointed — "Cut here!" He opened the wound cleaned and says — "Frau, you brave woman." Looked at the conditions in which live, what to eat. Suddenly, the day comes, the child made a bandage and brought cookies, candy. In did not write the poem, but the mother got on her knees and bowed to the ground before him … "


In Semkovo town, like 7 years ago, went to the store first. Director and saleswoman, Mrs. Raisa Abdeychuk yesAreas Shots his words did not need to climb — both live here but work for two decades and, like everyone else, are suffering from a lack of "communal" and "social."

Mrs."While electricity is not conducted, there are differences. Ice cream all day can be switched off — in November had dozens of servings is the most … (Laughter.) Here's column from the water tower — very much red water, the whole village three columns, and 2 km we are scattered … Gas pipes laid, and not connected to each house … "

Reporter"How much do you trade?"

Mrs."In the summer of 40 million a month, 16 in the winter as summer residents do not drive. In winter, earned 340 440 000 now … Little — I pay for the apartment 170 is necessary. A working every day from 9 to 19, without breaks and days off … "

Mr."And there is no work, housing is actually too …"

Chezhusava"I came from Minsk to live as a four-year, there was grief — died 9-year-old grandson. And got into this! "

It entered into conversation Buyers — 67-year-old Ms. Chezhusava with a 40-year-old son Andrew. To his own eyes to show that "this" lead to two dvuhpavyarhovak where they live. And what — not only in their words — housing "can not be named."

Reporter: "7 years ago, when I was the same thing happened …"

Chezhusava"Now is even worse! No gas, no light. On the streets of any one lamp! No-radio — is worse than in the quagmire! We have no water at all, it is necessary to put a new engine. A utility does not want to do it! In the period of apprenticeship is — we pay for the water of 4 apartments on each of 2 million for 4 years. How much did you pay? 8,000,000! Toilets with us on the street, a bath and put themselves calculate for maintenance! I have a property, the documents on the ground, and the children I rewrote the apartment. Now 200,000 pay fines, because the first few years I did not touch. And now I have filed bills in court that I did not pay for two years. And do not call two months because they are afraid they will lose! There is no power — 7 kilometers from Minsk! "

We go to the family Bibik — 59-year-old mother, Mary, and 19-year-old daughter, Jeanne-year old child in her arms. The house turbidity, peeled wallpaper and clouds of steam.

Maria"Gray water — go to the neighbors! The roof leaks badly when rain. They said they will be repaired, if the walls crumble. Although calculate it at 40,000 per month plus 3% surcharge! "

Mother"Not a single major overhaul was not! Some walls were — Schiffer neighbor bought for my money, none of the utilities did not return. '20, As were the dugout as Lukashenko said … "


Reporter"That's Vanya understand us. All subscribed, when the court will want to go? "

Lord"Of course! We are not afraid! "

Shloyda"This is not GEN house, she privatized, and from there take all the old, as if it is a public house. Of course, the court — it's impossible! "

This is the only voice in the village, who formally holds the power — the elders, the deputy village council, librarian, 52-year-old Mrs. Vera Shloydy.U her face appears despair when we begin to talk about village affairs — a boss, and they say, beats, "like a fish on the ice. " I'm telling you, I saw a few minutes before boarding in little rooms where the barracks were moved 75-year-old Drabatovich Mrs. Hope and her sister, Raisa, a disabled one group that can not walk. Mistresses, like 7 years ago, lay in the enclosures. The stove that smokes in the middle of the hut, unpainted walls, spider webs. I asked Aunt Hope:

Reporter"And even though you have registered here?"

Drabatovich"No.. And I have a '42 experience as a milkmaid, get pensions five hundredth Sick sciatica, ribs still on the farm broke. Now, twice a stroke hurt. And there is nobody to take care of. Trembling all Zimushka, stove all missing. (Crying.) And the sister is with a pension 212 000 … "

Chezhusava"Look — four years of sitting, can not stand on his feet. And what will happen to her if, God forbid, my sister … Instead we keep dogs!"

Again, the question — to the elder, Mrs. Vera Shloyda.

Reporter"Why not prescribed two women, a social worker for them is not fixed?"

Shloyda"They have the same pension and benefits — it is considered enough money. I tried, asked — let's surrender them to the orphanage. While called, but I will go over all walk. And not registered — children do not go to the papers, lazy. Why did not I throw it? I hope! Gas has lasted, the posts will change this year. There was water and roads ruined, as were gas. The very same live here, so I try to … "

Vera advises to go to one more "authority" — the church elder, 66-year-old Veronica Belova. Since the 60s of last century, when the last priest died, the local church of the Most Holy Mother of God, set in the 18th century, was in the bazaars, with sunken roof. But before the restoration of the woman decided to deal with "internal enemies of Orthodoxy," one of them said his father Peter midst who once tried, including the hands, to rebuild the temple.

Belov"In the 90's we introduced Hushcha bishop ordained in America. Helped him endure the garbage — like autocephalous church found without Moscow. Then went to Filaret, and he began to work with the authorities to carry out to be cleaned … "

Reporter"In Ukraine, there is an autocephalous church, and in our Orthodox priests have that for autocephaly …"

Belov"Yes, many of them! And you do not accidentally beneefovets? First, Kievan Rus was baptized, and from there went orthodoxy — "margin" added "to" become Ukraine. (Smyashok.) And then we were Belarasiyay … "

Reporter"We lived in after ON …"

Belov"Well, let's say — well that history. We are Slavs — why should we separate? And my mother's maiden name is Italian — Kilesso, in a sort Poles, Jews, and no Belarusian … "

Reporter"And the money Filaret helped?"

Belov"Do not give …"

Charitable donations for the restoration gave the same five-wealthy people living in cottages nearby. Local same as usual, call them "bourgeois." Ales Storozheva ¸ which is still not allowed in the health Semkov town, when I told him about what he saw and heard, was not surprised.

Klyshko"I was traveling with a summer house in the town of Semkovo — it is built on a lot of beautiful mountain property — and you hear replica drunk guy:" We are of the bourgeoisie on the fork would lift and set on fire! "How jumped village and began rattling off a curse on those who do not know who built up! This is something that in the minds of our people — the mentality of hatred. I made sure all my life, that everything comes from education roots. And so, if anything demand that the authorities, you just have to be interested, and who were their fathers, grandfathers, which were brought up. Why not take in the Grand Duchy to the civil service people who do not know their ancestry to the fifth generation! Because it could bring, as nothing in common with the past. The Communist authorities constantly destroying the roots — the best part of the peasantry, of West Belarus in the 39th were 2.5 million people in the Urals. And how many were killed by the police, the guerrillas! There are the seeds of weeds there. And if you remo
ve the fertile soil for some time to grow bylle. And no one to blame, that the children have adapted to power, without complaint raised in the "framework" that it became a kind. Educating the Boss — business generation time … "



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