Sensation: Remote effects exist!

July 31, 2012 9:42

A meta-analysis found statistical evidence that the remote action is possible.

Sensation: Remote effects exist!

Sensation: Remote effects exist!

Is it possible at a distance through positive thoughts and desires, fingers crossed, praying and praying for healing, positive impact on others? The question of whether there is a "remote healing" that preached and practiced not only traditional medicine, but also to many religions, from time immemorial, is the subject of tense debate. A recent meta-analysis of the results of such experiments, which combines statistics and several studies and scientific hypotheses, showed a surprising result.

According to a professor at the University Hospital of Freiburg Stefan Schmidt (Stefan Schmidt) in the "Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine", the basis of his meta-analysis, that is a generalization of the primary studies were the 11 studies carried out in 1997-2008. A total of 576 individual sessions conducted.


The test, which took part in the 16 one-minute sessions (including 8 control and 8 support) was to press a button when the notice that his attention was directed to a candle flame, scattered.

At this time the man tried helping him, or provide support from a distance (the so-called promotion focus — Attention Focusing Facilitation), or affect sight distance (remote gaze into the eyes — Remote Staring), or try to remotely wake up or calm activity (EDA- DMILS). In control sessions, supporting people tried contrary "not affect published" on the subject, which helps.

In addition, the meta-analysis included data from 51 studies of almost 1400 transition to the so-called activation, sedation and gaze from afar.

The meta-analysis

Surprisingly, the meta-analysis shows almost identical results, with which it can be clearly demonstrated that there is in all studies, although small, but very steady and clear effect, despite the fact, whether the results in some cases, significant or insignificant. The effect itself appears regardless of the practices the remote access.

In summary, Professor Schmidt noted that the hypothesis on the effect of a distance by a meta-analysis and data about 1970 separate experiments. Maybe that is common to all practices the intent to influence the distance and this leads to a rather unorthodox result. In his view, the evidence that the effective positive impact at a distance, could possibly lead to further research and distant healing meditation practices, writes grenzwissenschaft-aktuell.

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