Sergey Ryzhov, Vladimir Pravalski — together for the resignation of Lukashenko

Vitebsk former applicant to participate in the presidential elections together in favor of a referendum on the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko. First the need for such a referendum said Vladimir Pravalski, announcing the creation of the initiative group. Now it has supported and Sergey Ryzhov.

Fired after the presidential election officer Vitebsk fruit and vegetable factory "Novka" Mr. Ryzhov distributed an open letter "for a referendum." He writes that the members of the Belarusian Conservative Party "White Russia", which he now creates, as well as his supporters — supporters of the movement "For a New World" join the initiative of Vladimir Pravalski. Too, believe that "the dictatorial regime of Alexander Lukashenko can not be the object of public dialogue, a fortiori — recognition, "and that" the subject of negotiation with the dictatorship can only be a condition of its voluntary renunciation of power. "

Sergey Ryzhov

Sergey Ryzhov had participate in the last presidential election, but retired from the race, saying that under the pressure of his initiative group can not collect the required number of signatures for registration.

Businessman Vladimir Pravalski, who has proposed a referendum for the resignation of Alexander Lukashenko, was nominated in Presidential candidates. However, the Central Election Commission has registered his candidacy, admitting only 118 valid signatures collected for his nomination.

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