Ship Repair Centre Star began the construction of the vessel Academician Alexandrov for the Russian Navy

December 20 in the main stacker shop of "Ship repair center" asterisk "accomplished festive ceremony rescue tugboat (SBS) 20183 project developed by JSC" CMDB "Diamond" (St. Petersburg).

Municipal contract at the ready and supply for the needs of the Ministry of Defence signed a new ship August 1, 2012. Multipurpose ship ice-class is designed for search and rescue, maritime transport of heavy and bulky samples and containers, marine engineering, research and testing equipment, military and special equipment. Perhaps the introduction of the vessel in the interests of research shelf transport pipe sections, etc. The structure of the Navy of the Russian Federation a new ship should enter at the end of 2016.

Order of the Commander of the Navy ship being built was named "Academician Alexandrov." The initiative to commemorate Anatoly Alexandrov — the famous Russian physicist, one of the fathers of the first Russian nuclear submarine fleet — owned by labor groups, CDB ME "Rubin" CMDB "Diamond" and Ship Repair Center "asterisk".

The main technical properties of the rescue tugboat, etc. 20183: Displacement — 5400 tons, full speed — 14 knots, the crew — about 70 people. The vessel is available for occasionally landing area — the take-off of helicopters.

SBS "Academician Alexandrov" — the third ship 20180 series, under construction on the "star". In 2010, the Center for Ship repair shipbuilders gave the customer a basic rescue tug ship Prospect 20180, received the title of "asterisk". In 2014 yagrinskie shipbuilders need to pass in the Navy Naval Weapons Project 20180TV "Akademik Kovalev."

The rescue tug ship "Asterisk" project 20180. Source:

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