Shipbuilding center as a first step

A few days back the United Shipbuilding company announced the completion of the formation of a new structural unit. To work with the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla was created by the Russian Navy South center shipbuilding and ship repair. The center includes 5 shipbuilding and repair plants. This Novorossiysk, Tuapse and Kriushinsky shipbuilding and ship-repair factory, also Astrakhan Enterprise "Shipyard named. Karl Marx "and" Lotus ". The main objective of the South Centre is a construction and repair support for the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. With greater value, it seems, will be specifically working with the Black Sea sailors. The official ceremony institutions center on February 4.

On the development of the Southern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair became clear a few months back, when the management of the USC announced its own intentions to make another center, in addition to the North, the West and the Far East. So Makar, all operational and strategic alliances Russian Navy got their own centers of shipbuilding and ship repair. Past experience has demonstrated the benefit of this solution, which ultimately led to the creation of the last center.

Is noteworthy that the establishment of the South Centre, initially created to work with the Black Sea Fleet, the current situation is of particular value. After the collapse of much of the Russian Union of Black Sea Fleet of the infrastructure, as well as some of the ships, went to the independent Ukraine. Due to a number of controversial issues, some of which persists to this day, Russian Black Sea Navy had a number of severe problems related to the construction and repair of ships. In past years, the Black Sea Fleet received technique in most cases produced on adjacent businesses. Now, for obvious reasons, very often have to distill ready ships and submarines from the Baltic or Nordic shipyards. It is easy to guess, as in this case, complicated logistics and repair procedures.

First, on the basis of such judgments specifically, at one time fleet management and the industry began to create regional centers of shipbuilding and ship repair. But it is not entirely clear why the center on the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, "lines" appeared last. At the current time, in light of the events in the Middle East and North Africa, the larger value is the development of specific Black Sea fleet, particularly since this compound is based closer to areas of tension and can respond faster to show other hazards. Yet, the management of the Navy and USC, for some reason decided to build centers specifically in such sequence. Perhaps, it was decided to work out the principles of creation and shipbuilding centers on existing developed infrastructure of the Northern and Pacific fleets, and only later do a similar structure to the Black Sea Fleet and the Caspian Flotilla. Either way, right now, in spite of the difference in time of creation, all connections of the Russian Navy will have their own centers of shipbuilding and ship repair.

Judging by the available disk imaging, during the first years of the main objective of the South Centre will service existing equipment fleet, including those built by other companies. Go with this USC will modernize production facilities, then this may be the resumption of construction of ships on the Black Sea shipyards. After the start of the construction of new ships, the Black Sea Fleet and its supporting infrastructure can be called completely independent. In the middle of the rest of the resumption of construction of modern technology will be useful in view of the geographical position of the Black Sea Fleet. Under certain circumstances, in times of armed conflict Black Sea Fleet ships can be locked in the waters of the sea. In this case, all repairs will have to own their own companies, as it will not surpass the ability of one or the other ship the factory where it was built. In addition, it is about the restoration of its former prestige. In time for Black Russian shipyards built a huge number of large and complex ships. Now the palm then ran across to plants in other regions.

And yet it is impossible not to recognize that the creation of the Southern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair — not even half the story. In addition to the structural configurations need to bring to mind a host of other things. Because of the controversial political moments Sea fleet at this point has not the best of times and, as a result, loses a tangible part of their combat potential. The organization of the South Centre, practically solves only a matter of maintenance and repair. Other principal prepyadstviya — creation and modernization Fri supply bases, etc. — Yet to be solved. The construction of new facilities have not once was rising at a variety of levels, and now it seems that runs across the stage of the discussions at the step of real cases. But here, all have reason to believe a certain task. Outstations, supplies, etc. should be located on the coast and the coast of the Black Sea have long been resort area. In addition, the placement of military objective involves certain requirements to transport links and the characteristics of the coastal strip. Because of this, the construction of new facilities in more convenient locations may be contrary to the interests of third parties, for example, merchants engaged in tourism business. Their reaction to the plans of the military can be very different.

It should be noted, personal interests should not be a prerequisite for severe configuration plans for the country's security. Naturally, most likely, will have to work out some mechanism to reconcile the parties, but in this case, the value must be the modernization of naval infrastructure. Recent activity in the Mediterranean region require urgent action to improve the state of the Black Sea Fleet. In addition, the complexity of the whole situation with him because of the growing controversy surrounding the lease of objects on the territory of Ukraine. So because of all the problems and challenges of today's work on the creation of the Southern Center of Shipbuilding and Ship Repair practically are only a first step and a huge long haul.

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