Sightings of mysterious white lights in the sky over Kolomna continue

June 30, 2012 16:28

A member of the editorial board received a letter in the mail.
"I want to tell you something that could be observed about 50 minutes ago. Such as is usual in such cases, refer to the newspapers or the police. I do not know this to me the first time, I thought to write to you. In general, about 23.35 went for a walk with the dog, as usual, and, when it turned to the house with the dog, I saw in the sky 06.08 unusual luminous objects traveling around by Kolycheva aside Golutvina — Shurovo, the phenomenon observed with Dobrolyubov street from the store "meat Myasych" … God, I'm writing you this now, but at the very sends shivers …

They were the lights of white, they first formed a kind of ring, each object is light, then faded, then again shone separately from each other, in which a ring-shaped "building", they slowly but simultaneously moving in the same direction. Then, out of the circle they formed almost in a straight line and just kept moving on a course … The degree of luminosity was sometimes very high, as if they were powerful searchlights in the distance … The same phenomenon was observed the other two, a young man with a girl, trying to take pictures of it on your mobile phone, but the poor quality of the camera seems to not allow them to capture anything. I watched it for about five minutes, until the object disappeared behind the houses. I was so fascinated and shocked by what he saw at once that not even asked the two men to us — think of it, when it came home. That's the story … I'm just wondering whether those messages before and generally it was! Since I can say that this is not Kitaika flashlights or aircraft. "

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