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If you want to always look good, then without serious care of your skin can not do. Normally, when a healthy lifestyle and proper care, the outer layer of skin (epidermis) has completely updated this month. The material is a smooth surface and a healthy appearance. But there are many reasons that hinder the process. For example, the separation of horny scales slows down with age, as well as people with oily skin, giving it a pale, grayish hue. The thickness of the stratum corneum increases during sunbathing.

Anatomically leather men "stronger" and "endurance" of women:

  • First, it is thicker and fatter by almost 20%.
  • Second, hydrolipidic (water and fat) men's leather jacket less subject to dehydration.
  • Thirdly, it intense perfusion and thus the metabolic processes proceed faster.
  • Fourth, the skin produces more melanin men, that is a natural protection against ultraviolet radiation efficiently.
  • And fifth, the representatives of the stronger sex does not happen cellulite. This is due to the connective tissue of male skin.

The aging process in men begins 5-7 years later than in women. And if the men made full use of the advantages granted to them by nature, they would remain young and beautiful for much longer than their beautiful half. Unfortunately, around 35 years of alcohol, tobacco and stress level the chances of men and women in the struggle for beauty. All this suggests that male skin also requires care.

How to care for your skin?

Usually care Care at home is divided into morning and evening. And include the following steps: cleansing, toning, intense care (Nutrition, hydration) and protection. Clean the skin with soap and water is not desirable, and with the help of a special gel or lotion in the morning, and lotion plus cleansing milk — in the evening. Toning should be done after cleansing, both morning and evening. For intensive care should also be used daily, morning — day cream, night — a night. Day cream also acts as sun protection and can be the basis for makeup. Daily ritual skin care — this is the basis of our appeal.

In addition to your daily skin care, do not forget about some of the methods that return your skin young and fresh feeling. Mask — is targeted solution to one or more problems. For example, dehydration, sunburn, dull complexion, spot redness (of rosacea), dark circles under the eyes, and more. If you compare the skin creams with daily sleep and rest on the weekend, then the mask — a two week vacation at the seaside.

Without this, of course, you can do, but is it worth depriving yourself of pleasure? In addition, sometimes there comes a time when the mask becomes a necessity. So during the winter cold, our skin subjected to additional effect, and therefore requires a special "winter skin."

It is known that, as the skin can determine the state of health of the person. For example, bruises and bags under the eyes are in people with impaired cardiac function and blood circulation. In people suffering from diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract, the complexion is usually earthy gray. Gastritis on the nose translucent red streaks. With the depletion of the nervous system face covered with a grid of fine wrinkles. All this eloquently proves the close relationship of human health and appearance. It is for these reasons, you should regularly consult a beautician, and depending on the condition of the skin — a dermatologist.

These days there are a lot of techniques that allow a much improved skin appearance. However, all of these procedures is desirable to carry out consultation with the beautician. For example, if too obtrusive on the skin can be carried whitening procedure. Sometimes it is useful to clean the skin and peeling. Now become a very popular method of laser cosmetology and ozone therapy. Amenable to smooth out facial wrinkles Botox or Biogel.

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